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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Ramadhan 2017.
Monday, May 29, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It is the Holy month again..and as per the previous years, i tried to reflect as many as possible on how I have been doing for the past months in the year.

Truthfully, I am quite proud of myself. I didn't exactly outdo myself but I managed to give my (almost) 100% focus when I deliver the result.

It wasn't easy. I was battling with my own inner demon which no one knew of. I am not clinically diagnosed fyi, but at times I felt that I am not fit for the world I am living in.

*inhale, exhale* 

I am trying to be in the good book and basically, on good side of things. Do more good deeds than to receive them because I'd want to feel good about myself. I cut off the unnecessary stuffs (#whatsTinder LOL) and focus on the important things in life.

I am trying to be a better daughter and better sister for my siblings. Tried to work hard to earn more decent money so that I can contribute to my family more. Helped out whenever I can.

I am trying to be a better person than I was yesterday. To constantly improve and to not beat myself too much when I didn't achieve my goals. To love myself more and to know my worth so that people can't just walk over me thinking it's okay.

I am trying to be a better friend for everyone. To be there during the good days or when it gets stormy. To offer comfort and support they needed so that they will never feel alone.

This Ramadhan, I promise myself I'll try harder and be more istiqomah in doing the things I do.

InshaAllah, the good things to those who waits :)


Counting my blessing.
Sunday, May 7, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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April has ended and May is here and truthfully, I think April ended well.

For the period of one month, a lot of things has happened that I kinda lost count already. What's important is that I no longer find the need to vent out in frustration when it comes to works.

I took work a lot more seriously and I try to look things in a different perspective whereby I take things that had happened in a more positive way.

Thanks to the yearly bonus, I managed to do a few things which I have planned, which are sending my car for its 80 000km service (wayyyyyy overdue) and also to save slightly more than before. What's more important is that I finally managed to pay all the overdue debts yang dari kawan-kawan mbahahaha thank you guys for helping me out!

I can't remember exactly what happened but I know for a fact that I enjoyed the journey of the whole month. I'm currently mentoring one of the CS interns and she reminds me so much of my younger self. She just finished SPM and is the same age as Adik lol been spending so much time with her till now bahahaha

On a related note, I am loving how I do my life everyday. I've decided to be more positive on the things which had happened and resist on cussing. And guess what, it worked! Alhamdulillah, I am a lot more chill (just like Nashreen - the intern) and did not panic if things didn't go my way.

I  am seriously loving my life rn, to be honest.

I am still preparing the things to do before I fly to Melbourne and paling crucial is actually the plane ticket. Told Adam to get it sorted by the end of the month so that we can plan our itinerary accordingly. Banyak tempat nak visit and so little time.

As for the relationship department, well - I'm still on Tinder (LMAO) but then I decided to end things thoroughly with Nishan. One of the reasons is because I cannot move on while having him texting me everyday but not have feelings for him. How do you dudes do that?? So yeah, I told him he should stop texting me and I will do the same.

I don't see the points of texting each other everyday but we end up fighting over small little things, you know? It's really annoying tbh =_= I pun stress hari-hari. Like, we fight like a couple but we're not even dating. Pfft.

He obviously got the last say but I didn't reply him after that. Penat la nak jaga hati orang, but no one is taking care of yours, ya know? Haih.

I really miss writing here .

I still remember previously when I started blogging and how I'd spend my nights writing about what happened on that day. Well, life was simpler back then, I guess.

Now asyik busy with work, family, friends and sometimes I don't even time for myself. But I will always take it positively because I know for sure He is helping me to fight my own demon.

God knows what will happen to me if I was wayyy too free but had too many things to handle. I am going through a phase and I hope it will be over soon.

Gonna have my financial sorted out again sebab sekarang macam haywire gila thanks to my overbudgeting ugh. Bulan 5 punya gaji will reset it again.

Okay la, I'm done writing for now.

Till then, x

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Friday, March 24, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hello peeps!

Fuh, I am on a roll here. Updating the blog on the daily HEHE.

Anyhow, I actually went for dodgeball yesterday and didn't regret doing so! Thank you Taufiq for inviting me! I was lucky because he is the marshall and I don't get a lot of scolding during the games hehe

I was feeling a bit mellow yesterday to be honest...because I kinda miss Shan :( I miss his lame jokes, his calls at night, and the things we do when we meet up.

but talking to Maves made me realized that there is no point doing so anymore because he is clearly not ready for a proper relationship. I refused to blame the crumbling relationship/fling(?) on me. I mean, I did try to save it, but I guess I myself had enough.

Mereput la ovari kau, Atika luls

I felt rejuvenated after the game tho. It was a much needed session and I am glad I did it (ya, aku rasa sangat grateful) After I got home, which was almost around midnight, I terus kemas baju untuk kerja hari ni.

Another goal for me for the rest of the year hopefully is to dress up decently and not looking like a hobo coming to work. Sebabnya dekat office ni takdek orang pun yang selalu datang. So we're basically free to dress up like how we wanted.

I even wore pyjamas to work more than once haha :p

Tapi sekarang ni tak boleh dahhhhh. Aku nak tukar mindset biar orang lain pun selera tengok aku hahahaha not seeking for validation or anything, I would just like to improve my style more and to boost my confidence yang sebelum dah makin kecundang.

Puasa is coming soon, and before that happened, I am planning to redecorate my room! Sebab kaknyah nanti pindahkan barang dia to her new room, I get to have the room all by myself! Started looking for bedroom makeover ideas and found a perfect one:

So, my mini room makeover project is basically to make my room a lot more alive throughout the day and night. So far, I have only finalized the following:

1) cermin tingkap
My window is the old school window whereby you open and close like the ones we have back in kampong. Last I checked, the cost of one new cermin tingkap is RM1.60. I need 12 new ones.
Cost: RM19.20

2) curtain
My current curtain was from my aunt because she decided to change to a new one and as much as I love the thickness and also the opaqueness of the curtain, it is quite unflattering and it made my room looks gloomy. perfect during rainy days tho lol

so I am planning to get the curtain cover (white one), curtain railing and also a grey coloured plain curtain.

Cost: N/A

3) Things in my room
As some of you might know, I am sharing the room with my sister. and my sister is a hoarder =_= Semua benda kau nak simpan dah kenapa?? Gonna start spring cleaner and to declutter all of the unnecessary shits. Nak kemas beg kejadah semua pun also and dump her shits in her new room bahaha

Cost: tenaga yang banyak

Okay, ini I memang teruja. Since my bed sizing is Queen size, so I am planning to get a new set of bed sheet with all the duvet for me! Going to get the set at GM Klang soon. hopefully they have the colour in grey and white and hopefully it is within my budget hehe! Nak beli bantals from Giant also dalam RM50 dapat la 4 pillows.

Also, I plan to paint my bed frame white to match the theme of my room hehe :D hopefully jadila lepas kemas nanti weee

Cost: RM200 +/-
Paint: RM60 +/-

5) Lighting and furniture arrangement for my room
Currently, my room lighting memang out. So maybe nanti after decluttering, I can rearrange it again to have more space for my room so that in the event if my friends come over untuk tido ke apa, then they will have more space to relax and what not.

To buy a standing fan since my house no aircond lol and making sure that the ventilation of the room is better than before. woot woot or I can buy the tower fan so that it will not take much space in my new room.

Cost: tenaga yang banyak
black standing fan on Carousell: RM150
White paint for part of the room: RM60

6) Clothes arrangement in my room
Since my sister is getting her own wardrobe, so I'll have more space inside the wardrobe for my stuffs yay! planning to buy the undergarments organizer and also for all the scarves. Plan nak beli white dressing table jugak to match the theme of the room.

Cost: RM200 +/-
White dressing table: RM150 +/-

Probably gonna spend the whole weekend cleaning my room once I officially took it over. #prayforatika


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