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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Melbourne, Australia 2017 (Planning + Itinerary)
Sunday, September 3, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Disclaimer: this post was written back in March. Aku scheduledkan je senang.

Cerita dia macam ni. My cousin, Adam is a travel bug. Asyik berjalannnn je. So, one day as  I was talking to him about travel tips, suddenly it occurred to me that I'll be getting a huge sum of money by August so I jokingly told him that I wanna go somewhere during my birthday weekend.

He immediately said, "JOM AH!"

So, daripada main-main terus plan betul-betul. We look at the flight ticket (as of 16/3/2017), Air Asia ada saleeee yang ticket murah tu and first plan was to buy masa tu la kan. But then apakan daya, malas nak susahkan orang lain, so kita beli time bulan 5 nanti kata Adam.

So ni basically our rough expenses there:

Aussie Trip
-  Flight RM1000
- Visa AUD20 RM70
- Tram pass AUD24.50 (AUD4.10 / day) RM85
- Accomodation AUD150 (AUD25/day) RM505
- Foods AUD120 (AUD20 / day) RM403
- Sightseeing + Souvenirs AUD300 RM1000
- Lobster AUD120 RM403 (ni I will then you guys why lol)

The rate masa ni 3.41MYR in exchange of 1AUD. So roughly it's about RM3.5k without the lobster. As you can see, our best accommodation option is Airbnb. so I asked for Lam's help to scout around for me.

Another disclaimer: this is not a budget trip lol


Hey guys! I am flying off in less than 10 days! haha

So from my previous update, these are my final expenses for the trip.

Aussie Trip
-  Flight RM1000 (bought in June for RM1527 returns via Air Asia)
- Visa AUD20 RM70 (did it for only RM20! with Nadia, she's a director of a travel agency)
- Tram pass AUD24.50 (AUD4.10 / day) RM85 (this one I borrowed Aina's and Lam's hehe. So, it's FREE)
- Accomodation AUD150 (AUD25/day) RM505 (RM767 for 6 days/person, we booked here.)
- Foods AUD120 (AUD20 / day) RM403 (I am allocating AUD20/day as per Lam's recommendation, so AUD100 = RM343
- Sightseeing + Souvenirs AUD300 RM1000 (will allocate only AUD100 = RM343 for shopping) 
- Lobster AUD120 RM403 (Decided not to have it lol nanti lagi sakit kepala) 
- Dry Foods: RM100 (gotta declare them)

Total: RM3.1033.00


Current exchange rate is AUD1 = RM3.43 (as of 3/9/2017)

Below is my itinerary for the whole week.

Flight from KUL - MEL at 11:00PM (Yol will be sending us, RM40

-Arrived at MEL (8:20AM) (buy simcard and myki card) simcard is AUD2/day = AUD12 (optus simcard) 
-Check in airbnb bus from airport > docklands = AUD18 
- Go around CDB with tram FREE 
- Queen Victoria Market  *AUD60/ AUD10 a day (here)
- Botanic Garden FREE (here)
- Federation Square FREE (here)
- Eureka Tower AUD20 (here)

Great Ocean Road Tour (Otway) AUD101 (here)
- Dinner in CBD

-Melbourne Zoo AUD18 (weekdays) / FREE (weekends) (here)
- Brighton Beach take Sandringham from CBD (AUD7) (here)
- Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium AUD34 / AUD48 - inclusive of Legoland (here)
- H&M * AUD50
- Dinner in CBD (lobster/nice cafe) * AUD50-AUD100/person 

-Chemist Factory *AUD50 (here
- Coles & Woolworths * AUD60 
- Puffing Billy AUD57 
- Shopping chocolate *AUD50
- Shoes Warehouse * (here

16/9 - Free and easy day
- Melbourne Museum AUD14 (here)
- St. Kilda beach AUD14 by train (here) / AUD10 by bike (here) x 2
- Luna Park (night) AUD50 (here)

- Flight from MEL-KUL at 935AM (be at the airport by 6AM) AUD18 *buy from Southern Cross 

- Check out airbnb
- Arrive at KLIA at 530PM (RM40, Yol will be fetching us)

Total: AUD359 * AUD377

Will definitely update more once I'm back!


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What’s Wrong With Me?
| Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I can't believe it's September already! 

...and I am turning 25 in 10 days time.

I’ve been reading some articles lately and this article really hits home. I’ve been feeling meh when it comes to relationship all because I honestly think that there are a lot of wrong things going on with me.

However, after reading the article, I felt so much better. Thank you so much, Ims! I think the fear of not being good enough are eating me alive. But then again, I might just overthink lol I told myself that I am not going to take up anymore shit from anyone, so I’m going to be myself.

I am going to focus more on myself and progress. Just winging things and do my best. My card is FINALLY ready and I have been distributing it to everyone. Just wanted to put my name out there lmao because ultimately, I would want to have my own personal branding.

Apart from that, I am going to focus on building better relationship with my family and close friends. Gonna slowly stop bickering over the simplest things and be positive in everything that happened. I have been wanting to recharge myself and I hope this Melbourne trip will do me good. I am so looking forward to experience Melbourne with Adam!

I know I’ve said this before, but I really miss blogging like the good ‘ol days. Now everything are updated on my socmed that I am really losing touch on what to write down here. I promise myself that I will not forget this space as it has taught me so much and I wouldn’t trade it for the world ♥ 

Atika Sikun

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Saturday, August 5, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I miss writing.

It's already August, and here I am, stealing some times to update this blog.

It has been rather a whirlwind ride throughout the eight months of 2017. I have experienced so many new and foreign things that I think I am ready for what's coming next.

It's funny when during the beginning of the year, I told myself that it's going to be my year. but right now, I am not too sure anymore lol

I'd have to say, it has been life changing to say the least, seeing friends getting married to their boyfriend/girlfriends, finding jodoh on dating app (hey! it's 2017) and me, just being me.

Work has been really tiring, that one I can tell you guys. I have to thank my friends tho for the recommendation and I am having a great time living my life as how it is now.

I am currently juggling doing two jobs, one full time and one part time. Right now, I am currently working as a freelance consultant for two giant company, one is in e-commerce and another in the publishing industry.

So, I am reaaaaally trying not to collapse by the end of the day, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Sometimes, meetings and works back to back from morning till late at night.

But sokay, this is what I need to do now.

As for the update in the relationship department - FYI, I've met some really great guys along the way and although I told everyone that I am not looking, it seemed that I am attracted to one right now and perhaps, he is also attracted to me AHAHAHAHAHA!

...or maybe not lol

Anyhow, I am just gonna go with the flow. I don't really want to stress on it much because I know when I am ready, it will happen eventually :) This time, I want it to happen naturally as how God wants to arrange it tbh.

I teared up during Anis' solemnization. I think the union of two people who are madly in love with each other are just beautiful ♥ I am so happy she found the one! The remaining CS girls are getting married very soon, even Mel is seeing someone! and me? I am just here, guys. Any takers? hahaha

I am looking forward for my Melbourne birthday trip. The money is raining quite a bit this month, and so far the expenses is on track! FUH. Although, I need to redo all the expenses again because I decided to splurge on dUCkscarves *teehee* It is too tempting!

Some of the debts which I haven't paid will be cleared by next week inshaAllah so I'll have the balance ALL for myself. HEHE

Okay, I guess enough update for now.

Till then, guys!

Atika Sikun

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