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Sunday, December 14, 2008 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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today is the 2nd day of me volunteering as the RED ARMY at the HICT edu fair.
Before I tell you anything bout today,let me tell YOU what happened yesterday.
Yesterday was really tiring for me.I woke up at 6.30 in the morning and started cleaning the house(my job as the eldest daughter..anak dara mah)After that,I started cooking for breakfast(Yes,I have to cook as well)When I glanced at my phone,the clock shows,7 in the morning de...omgosh!I quickly got ready and woke my mum up so that she could send me to HICT .But then,my mom started nagging because I havent fold the clothes and sidai kain.zzz...I finished up my two other chores and we went out from the house at 8.45.
The experiences of volunteering was fun.Everyone were really busy.I was with Mr.Jamie at the face paint booth.Turn out to be that Mr.Jamie are a relly good painter.He drew me a lollypop on my cheek while Toh who came earlier with his brother sat next to me.The lollypop paint was superb!Everyone were really amazed!bwahahaha..I feel so famous because everyone was staring at me..hehehe
I and Toh walked around the campus looking and checking out the booth.He was really really funny because...errr...I dont know how to say...hihi Toh started calling me lollypop face because of the painting.haha wat la Toh...we chat as we walked around and I bumped into my non-biological bro,Deshvin and also Dinesh.and then I saw Ben Zhi as well.It was really hectic yesterday.
The HSKians demanded the Leadership Camp certs from me and I don't know what to do.How can they expect me to get something from the boss who are not around at that time????I almost cry when Haridas and Dinesh started talking as if they were blaming me..sobs almost lose my temper too zzz...
Suki from One In A Million made an appearance at the edu fair.I got to tell you,she has an AMAZING VOICE!Toh,his brother and Ben Zhi who wasn't really excited at first,were the some of the people who line up after the show to get Suki's autograph.Toh was demanding a poster from me but I can't do much about it.SO SORRY,TOH!Ben Zhi was so excited getting his hand on the poster but when it was his turn,the posters just ran out.Lucky for him,he was the only guy who managed to take picture with Suki before she cabut lari.haha
I spent some times accompaning Toh and his brother(dont really know how to spell his name..sorry..)after the show.We spent for like half an hour talking(debating) about almost everything and he won over 4 times!can you imagined???I think he use black magic at me
Lina was there as well with Shasta.
After that,I went back up to the fifth floor and help out Mr.Jimmy to clean up the booth.Mr.Jimmy was really nice to me and he is just awesome!!haha so sorry at him because I wasn't around for a while.was busy talking to Toh,Lina,Toh's brother and Shasta actually.hehe
I went back home when I was almost dusk.
At night,I started msging HIM(I wont tell who is he)and HE is sooooo sweet.HE was so concern of why am I depressed and etc etc etc.Suddenly HE asked me something that made my head want to burst.I was thinking that HE is just the same with other people.I mean,why everyone is match-making ME with HIM(different guy)??????I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!!!but then,HE apologized later and ask me to just chill because it was a part of teenage life..Awww...
my darling is oh so sweet. >.<
The bussiness was doing just fine.Help out Mr.Jimmy again at the booth.Some of my la sallians friends came for the SPM account and English 119 workshops.My red army buddies were really enjoying the last day of us together.Kinda sad as it getting the end of the closing time for the fair.I promised myself to take some pictures with the staffs of CMSD and CLX.They are just wonderful peoples.I came in for the SPM English 1119 workshop and it was so much fun,I tell you.Those who missed out,rugi besar oh!!Jared got a new's kokobura..(the meaning if you want to know,just ask him yourself)I had a blast of time learning.Danny,Lee Hsiang,Jared,Irene,Lina and some new faces were so happening..bwahahaha too bad Danny and Lee Hsiang couldn't stay long coz Danny was having fever..Poor Danny..wish you speedy recovery,Danny :)
Anyhow,I had so much time volunteering here at HICT.Gonna miss them a lot afterwards(especially Doraemon)lol Thank you everyone and hope too see you all soon.
BLUE diamond and RED Prada,
TATA!! :)