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Back To School..hmmm...what are the odds??
Monday, January 5, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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back to school today.

nothing much happened.

just that i was really exhausted handling the enourmous amount of students.

and fellow form 3 juniors.


that's right.

really really exhausted.

and i didnt get to fulfill some of the things i was planning to do today *sigh*

>msg TCH when I got up from sleep *winks* DONE with a bright smile on me face lol

>screamed at the jaga (let him get heart attack like last time..haha) PLANNED CANCELLED..MY SISTER WONT LET ME GET NEAR HIM haha

>hugs everyone(this is basicly my routine everyday) DONE,DONE and DONE!

>irritate Shasta(my favourite thing to do) DONEEEE!!!!

>wished Cherrie good morning and tell her how pretty she looks ( SO DONE!!hehe

>Scolded those who didnt take kebersihan on the last week of school (geramnya...) NOT YET

>wished Ashbir HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY :) NOT YET

so much of me being a great friend.I dont even remembered her birthday!lol her birthday actually falls on January 7th heeeeeeeeee malunyer.. XD XD

>goofed off with the teachers in the teacher's lounge XD XD DO-NE!

>sat at the front row in the class NOT ACCOMPLISHED..HAVE TO SAT AT THE CORNER OF THE CLASS..

>main-main and dance with the broom (sudah gila a bit) BROOM NOT PROVIDED..eeeee...

my new form teacher is Pn.Chong.Happy and glad but then I could feel a little bit of sadness deep down inside me as Miss Teh will no longer be my form 5 class teacher.I dont know why but eventhough she can be a little bit annonying sometimes(trust me,that day will come),she's really nice.

oh well,Atika.

think the positive side.

oh yeah.There's a new girl in my class.her name is Liyana.amazingly friendly and funny.haha she could be the side of me in few months time.Lol she just transferred from a school in Subang Jaya and will be spending her last year of high school in BK.

Liyana,if you're reading this post,trust me,you wont regrets being a BK-ian haha

New things for the year 2009

-the science classes had been reshuffled and Syaika had left to 5 Sc 1.gee...i am so gonna miss her!although our class is just next door,but it wont be the same anymore.

-new Sejarah teacher.yay!My form 4 Sejarah teacher is just...a kind of person whom I could say not really suitable teaching the subject.

-form 3 juniors.Its time to get some revenge on them!haha!!!ok im just playing around IM A SENIOR NOW!!COOL!!!


I would like to congratulate Ikmal for his success being chosen to transfer class.He managed to go into 5L from his previous class,4C..jumped two class!AWESOMENESS la,Ikmal!haha and also congratulations to Menning and Bryant for getting in the spot in the first class.Yap as well.he managed to go into the 2nd class.To my old classmates,Syaika,May Shuen,Hui Lian,Fei Jian,Sarah and *cough* Emiliya..well done!hope you're happy in 5 Sc 1!

still..not everyone is happy on the first of school...Some of my friends were devastated when they find out that they have to go to the 2nd class(you know who am i referring too)

Not saying im exaggerating or what,but come on,people!!is it sooooooooooooo embarassing being in the second class when you used to be in the first class????i've been listening to all this ohmygod!iminthe2ndclass craps for years!

Sometimes,i get pissed when people commented about it.

you're not stupid when you have to go into 2nd one is.i can assured that.

so,to those who have to go to the 2nd class or even turun kelas from any school sekalipun,let me tell you,being in the 2nd class is not that bad.

I'm serious.

Just different enviroment and new circles of friends.

and to me,being in the first class is really tense..even im not in the class,i can feel the tense aura coming out from them when i passed by their class.LOL

lucky for me,the first class students of my batch back in BK consist of totally cool and awesome peoples.

dont believe me?just come and meet them in person :)

anyways,like i said..first day at school was really really tiring.Im off doing my homeworks now.CHIAOZ!

P/S:Neelia,IM ADDICTED TO JAY CHOU already!!!noooooo!!!