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Before I'm BACK being the un-ME again
Sunday, January 4, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Okay.School is officially starting tomorrow.I'm really excited actually.I want to meet my peeps and the teachers.But then,when I think back,this year will be my last year in high school.Well,it's kinda sad.I mean,I dont want school life to end so fast.That's why I made up my mind to make this year the best school year ever in my life.My so-called job as the Head Of Bureau Of Cleanliness gonna start back tomorrow.I have to be the un-ME again.sigh oh boy.this gonna be hard.I dont like to scold people even my juniors.But if i didnt,they will pijak my head la.oh well,I just have to make sure that I dont explode everyday thinking bout the cleanliness and the prefectorial announcement board.zzz...and ill be spending lesser time stalking chua and his evil twin(you know who am talking about) and to any of the BK prefects who is reading this post,ambik laporan kebersihan betul-betul..kalau're dead meat!

Here's are some of the things I wanted to do when I go to school tomorrow:
>msg TCH when I got up from sleep *winks*
>screamed at the jaga (let him get heart attack like last time..haha)
>hugs everyone(this is basicly my routine everyday)
>irritate Shasta(my favourite thing to do)
>wished Cherrie good morning and tell her how pretty she looks (
>Scolded those who didnt take kebersihan on the last week of school (geramnya...)
>wished Ashbir HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY :)
>goofed off with the teachers in the teacher's lounge XD XD
>sat at the front row in the class
>main-main and dance with the broom (sudah gila a bit)

and yeah.
I'm officially TAKEN.
its SPM year,ppl!
but then,
this year will be the most memorable in my life.
I can assured that.
till then,