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the first and the last
Thursday, January 22, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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i wanna apologised to TCH first.
he dont like me saying swear words.
but it just sort of happen?

everything seems to turn wrong this week.
first four days of the third week back in school like FUCK
i was freaking mad with my ketua guru rumah Tahan
really mad until i feel like stabbing her on the spot when i see her.
she loves to do last minute work.
and she expect ME,Vee Thin, and Rock Chan to do her works.
i had to follow her order laa...
i dont want to be labelled as kurang ajar
at the end,
i yang kena.
put all the blame on her.
i kena marah with-
my add maths teacher
my PK 1
my dicipline teacher

because of her.

manyak terima kasih la,cikgu.

one teacher (she shall not be mentioned here)
spread some totally stupid and unacceptable rumours about me.
babi betul.
she is a motherfuckinghipokrit
because of that bitch,
and thanks to her,
i am now blacklisted by the teachers

nice right?
my last year in high school is officially ruined.

should i blame myself?
or them?

my post is driving me crazy.
i feel like resigning somehow.
juniors(some of them) are dumb asses
dont even know how to take the cleanliness report.
no brain betul.
kalau tak tahu,lain kali TANYALAH!!
after i kena kaw-kaw by the teacher-in-charge of the cleanliness report,
baru terhegeh-hegeh come and tell me.

junior A:err...kak atika..sorry la..i forgot to give you the kebersihan..i left it at home today..

(i was pissed that time...motherfuckingjunior was the cause of me got scolded by babi attitude teacher)

junior A:
sorry la..i really forgot...tomorrow i bring ok? *showing her fucking slutty face at me*

me: dont have to do go back home and ask your dog to fuck it until the paper lunyai!

junior A:haha..kak atika,you are so funny!! haha
(do i sound like im being funny???)

me: *fake laugh* haha..yeah im funny go to your ketua disiplin and sign your pengawas penalti book..5 penalty marks for you for being such a bangang time,when people are saying in front..dont talk..get it?

*junior A look dumbfounded*

me:apa tunggu lagi??get lost la!!!semak betul!!

*i stormed off after tearing the cleanliness report into half and threw it to her*

see what i mean??
this week has been like hell to me.
i hate it.

when i go back home,
i thought i can talk to my friend about it.
you know,
to make me feel better.
he's a good friend of mine.
and a good listener too(i think)

as expected,
he's online that time.
i tegur him.
saying hi.
as always.
he snapped.
say a lot of things to me.
i feel totally offended.
really really offended.
i cried that time.
so sad la wehy.

the story of my life.
even my friends hate me now.
support me in whatever i do.
didnt get to talk to him then.
was completely depressed.
sorry :(

i dont want to say much.
i just hope that tomorrow will be a better day for me.
and yeah.
i still hate the teachers that i've mentioned earlier.