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lepaking at Shien Chen's crib
Saturday, January 31, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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Today was really fun.My visit to Shien Chen's house for CNY for the fifth year.I wake up at 8.30 in the morning as usual.A weekend off is seriously NOT enough for me.I didnt even get to rest.The MAIN reason,HOMEWORKS!oh well *sigh*

Back to the story...

I finished all my house chores and get ready approximately at 11 to go Shien Chen's house.Then,I got out from the house and went to Shien Chen's house by motorcycle.Although I already owned an L license for my motorcycle,I still didnt get to bring motorcycle around.My mother's policy,no go jalan-jalan unless i think you're good enough to be on the road.LOL!

None of the people i knew was at Shien Chen's house when i got there.Thank god I saw Jeff's car passing by.His mom almost terlajak and went straight to no where.haha M'ch,Alvin and Shean was with him as well.

Then,the four of us went inside and started chit chatting while waiting fot the others to arrive.after a few minutes,Sanjeeva and Jas Min came.ehem..macam dah berjanji pulak..hihi^^ these two people memang suspicious betul.I wont tell why.only those who knows know the real deal.

Alvin,Sanjeeva and I had a very kinda kelam kabut conversation since we were sitting next to each other.We talked about everything at once.It was hilarious,i tell you.After a while,all of us go out to take the food.I only take little since I'm not that hungry.After eating,we went back in when Mrs.Lee called everyone to gamble.hehe

as you all know,I CAN'T GAMBLE!but i always watch my friends gambling.for me,gambling is kinda complicated and i dont get the concept at all.LOL! the game started and apparentaly,by that time,Adwin,Le King,Ivan,Tommy,Chun Pao,and some other HSKians came.sweating all over.Le King told me that they had to walked all over from James's house to Shien Chen's house.Pity them :( the worse was Adwin.can see the sweat dripping all over his face.didnt get to wipe it off for him though ^^

Everyone was having a great time.a great laugh as well.Adwin kept losing all his money and got fed up with it.haha le king is busy wondering around.I saw a lot of familiar faces there and I managed to greet them.

Well,there is too much things to be said.I am just happy to re-stressing after a week at home dating my books.hehe I went back home at 3 something.and yes!I'm tired!I'm now officially off the awake-meter and my bed is calling me.

Going to Nene's house and Adwin's house tomorrow.potluck party!weee!!

p/s:Jas Min,beware.I'll culik your fancy new Canon DSLR .haha *evil laugh*

thats all for now.
till then,
buenos adios :)