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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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once upon a time...
Saturday, January 10, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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well,a lot of things happened to me today.Some of it are good things and some of it are bad things.I'm completely dehydrated throughout this week.

Some of it are...

-I got my L license..its OFFICIAL!!
-My retarted-ass brother went off with my parents..go balik kampung! at last!
-got my pay
-met Eugene again hehe...i noticed that he like to wear his jeans so low..can see his boxer *pervert*
-got appointed as the Editor In Chief
-might be having prefects gathering this year

-got the worse cleanliness report ever!
-my astro is not working dammit!
-finished all my cash sobs

i chatted with Alvin earlier about the undang-undang test and he basicly make me laughed the whole time.mind the broken english.Its confusing,I know.

Atika: boo!
Atika: haha
Alvin: I am scared
Atika: lol
Alvin: I just went for undang test resit today
Atika: then??
Atika: wats wrong??
Alvin: I passed!!! I got 48/50
Atika: OMG!
Alvin: thx
Atika: i got my L d la...
Atika: haha
Alvin: u went for amali?
Atika: yeah
Atika: got my L d
Atika: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|
Alvin: 16 hours?
Atika: 6 hours la
Atika: siao if 16 hours
Atika: lol
Alvin: I know 6 hours
Alvin: but i tot must minimum duno what 16 hours before bahagian 2 and 3
Alvin: how u get L?
Atika: minimum 6 hours je la
Alvin: After 6 hours of amali, then?
Atika: i do the test la
Atika: 6 hours amali is with your driving school trainee
Atika: for P,you have to go JPJ
Alvin: saw alot ppl go JPJ for amali 6 hrs wan
Atika: they pro d mah
Alvin: test, they go JPJ to hear amali 6 hrs
Alvin: its not with trainee
Alvin: listen bout wat wan?
Atika: they teach you about the cars and everything
Alvin: owh
Alvin: then after 6 hours amali, must go test?
Alvin: wat test?
Atika: after 6 hours amali,you got L d
Alvin: owh
Atika: after one month,then only you can take P
Alvin: P must be 17 years old
Alvin: after 6 hrs amali, get L, then must wait till birthday ar?
Atika: yup
Atika: sabar la,Alvin
Alvin: hahaha
Atika: itu P tak lari punya la
Atika: haha
Alvin: hahaha
Atika: haha

at last,the both of us kinda get what are we dicussing about.LOL.well,its been a really hectic week,i can say.

that's all for now.
im tired and i need my bed.
oh yeah.
before i forget,
D,i miss you.