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a roller coaster ride
Friday, February 20, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... has been a while since i last blog life had been a real roller coaster for the past few days.I am now completely tired and drained all my energy.A lot of things happened for these past few days.I've face with so many thing which I am completely sick of.

#1- Competitions
Now that I've mentioned it,i shall told you ppl that I already pull out from pantun and public speaking.I know some of you might thing it is such a waste,but you can never imagine the pressure I'm facing.I got fever for the past two weeks and I am still having fever now due to my focusing on the competitions.Sigh :(

#2- Studies
As I've said earlier,I've been out of class for two weeks straight and I was completely left out in the syllabus that all my teachers thought my class.Luckily there's tuition to back me up.Still,my tuition homeworks are now pilling like mountains now coz i am really busy.Pressuring..Sighhh :( I think I am going to flunk all my pure science subject x)

#3- Prefects
Well,there's nothing much to said,but I am still unsatisfied about my prefects job when it comes to handling the cleanliness report.They take the cleanliness reports as if it is nothing.They hand in the report late,not complete,dirty paper and so much more.At the end,I am who had to take the blame.IS IT FAIR?!! it is just a report!some of them (sorry to say) are totally bias.they tend to give their class higher marks than the other class who really deserve it.Like come on,girls.I know whether your class deserve to get that marks or not!oh well.i am getting meaner by day and a junior resigned because of me. sighhhhhh :(

#4- Editorial
Jobs getting more and more hectic everyday.Now I am collecting the reports for all the events that had just happened in our school.So far,there are 10 events Bee Kay had celebrated and counting.Still none of them hand in the report to me.IF YOU ARE READING THIS,please dont get me wrong! I AM NOT BLAMING YOU! i know you are just busy like me.So yeah,it means a lot to me if you can hand in the reports to me ASAP? thanks! apriciate it from the bottom of my heart :)

#5- Teachers
Grrrr....even mentioning the title itself makes me want to puke...some of the teachers in my school are such a pain in the ass.I'm telling you,They make us prefects like their slave sometimes.Today,the
double face bitch i've mentioned before in my post strikes again.She and her clique gathered at one corner and started complaining about prefects.I cant strangle her at that time,but now i'm going to vomit out all my fury HELLOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MORON!!!DONT YOU HAVE ANY BRAINS?!stop complaining about prefects IF you dont know what are WE dealing with!!you thinks its easy for us to handle such big crowd??and doing all your bullshit order around at the same time??!!!if i have the power,i will definately strangle you that time! WE HAVE TO DO THINGS that we are not supposed to do and you still complained about us?! you really got the nerves,i tell you! bitch.

-opening the computer lab
reason: take handphone charger
it is hard enough to open the computer lab's door.and it is because for a stupid charger?

-taking the food to the hall for jamuan
reason: 'you kan prefect..mestilah tolong cikgu'
what is the role of the canteen workers then?arent they the one in charge of doing this?

-picking up rubbish for the students
reason:the students wont listen to what teachers told them
teacher,if you continue treating us like this,you can just better ask MPK to hire us after SPM.end of story.

-prefect rampas handphone from student,but that bitch refused to take it
reason:'you give to her or her la.dont give it to me'
hey,who's the one neglecting her duty now?better resign from becoming the discipline time,cermin muka dulu baru complain pasal orang lain

#6- Friends
My friends has been the ONLY reason why I can still survive until now.All the pressure I am handling makes my emoticons go unstable and caused me to cry all night.really.I know i might sound a litle childish but its the closest friend had been helping me to go throught the hard times I'm facing.I know you'll be reading this,So,thank you :) Sad to say,some of my good friends left me out after they found new friend.I'm serious.I'm not saying that I want them all by myself (that would be greedy and stupid), but ignoring me will hurt me deeply in the inside.Oh happens so many times already and I am sick of it.So now,the are only certain and some people that I am close with as they are the only people that completely understand what am I going through right now.Some of them tend to take advantage on me as i am in a good relationship with them.Some even posted about me in their blog.If you dont want to help,next time,dont help!it was totally hurtful,i must say.oh well.

#7-So called friend
a special section specially for know who are you.*change tone* I HATE HER WORSE THAN I HATE ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD!SHE IS SUCH A DOUBLE FACE bitch!you can really makes good friend with the big bitch,you know?

story 1
i've pulled out from pantun.So,today,she called me into the hall and told me that the pantun teacher wanted to see me.

me:i told you!i dont want to enter pantun!
she: nooo..the teacher just want to see you.

Fine,i said.I followed her go and see the teacher.In the hall,after greeting the teacher..

teacher:so,atika.bila nak practice?
me :huh?maksud cikgu?
teacher:dia kata awak nak masuk pantun balik *pointing at her*

*i glared at her while she makes her slutty 'innocent' face*

me :mana ada cikgu.saya dah bagitau cikgu yang saya tak nak masuk apa-apa dah.

*the teacher started mumbling and complaining about me in silence*

she: ala..tak pe la cikgu..baik kita cari dulu..daripada tak ada apa-apa pantun.saya pun dah cari
sikit hari tu.

im cursing her like hell at that time.LIAR!you dont even show your face during the practice and you claimed to the teacher you already looked for it?! you better just kissed her ass one shot.

story 2 nice going against STK in bahas..coincidentally,she is 'close' with the boys la..i got no comment about them..apart of them being completely unfriendly and people are not CUTE at all,okay?so,shut up.She was totally showing off to us who is in the room where we held our competiton that she is sooooo friendly with them.I was like, 'WHAT THE HELL!LIKE I CARE!' at that time,i feel like calling all my friends from LSK,HSK and ACS and asked them to come to BK.Let her see,who has more friends that is smarter,cooler and wayyyyy cuter.Im not boosting about my friends,but it is just the like to show off your friends,then ill show mine.End of story.

story 3
Boosting bout her yeah,you are going to mid valley today,sunway pyramid tomorrow and pavillion the next day,SO WHAT?i DONT believe a sinlge word that come out from your mouth,you big fat liar!

story 4
claimed herself to be the magazine editor!whatttt??? the WHOLE school knows that I am the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF,okay?so,dont tell cock and bull one will believe you.

after this post,I forgive you.
Just be yourself.
thats the best anyone can give.

gahhhhhhhhh.....all this things makes me tired for me now is definately like a roller all the people that I've hurt intentionally all this while,Im sorry..I dont mean it...I didnt do it on purpose..My inner feeling are taking over my body and i just need a completely peaceful rest.No works,nothing..Just me all alone.So,forgive me,will you? I'll be back being ATIKA soon.Im not skipping going to school on Monday.Finally going to the doctor to check my fever :)

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im juz glad that you're ok.dont feel down ya.If there's one thing i learn from always being down is that one YOURSELF can make you happy again.So always be cheerful :)