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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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you are in my head??
Sunday, February 8, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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weekends come as usual.
but then,
there's no time for me to deal with my over loaded works.

agama notes-15 chapters
biology notes-chapter one(whole thing)
english-essay(curriculum vitae)
add maths-progressions and intergration
chemistry-neutralisation experiments

revisions for the upcoming US1

i was supposed to prepare my debate speech,
but then i was too lazy to do it *grins*

debate is next Wednesday,
and to be honest,

im prepared for it.
cant help to lose again.
*bersemangat betul*

debate against ACS.
ym wont tell me who's the debator...shessss

if we win ( hopefully),
we'll go against HSK pulak.
James and John are the speakers.

a question pop-ed into my head,
why on earth we have to go against all boys school this time?????

i wanna kill the people who cabut the undian.
unfair betul.

had my bahas practice yesterday,
let me tell you,
our coach is very good.
extremely good.

so now,
i have to prepare for my bahas speech pulak.
and also pantun.

you might be thinking that im nuts huh?
my girlfriends say i gila kuasa.
ye ke?
no idea.
*evil laugh*

TCH went to JW Marriot Hotel today for high tea.
make me jealous.
i am so jealous that
i wanna bite his neck now.
his perfectly fair neck *fangs grow longer*
gosh.i sounds really horny.

Aaron went to watch movie.
and eat Big Apple donuts.
iamsojealousssssss >.<

i mean,
why everyone got to have fun except for me???
*bang my head on the wall*

oh well.
at least i got people to company me when im awake until late night.
u know who are you :)

to my La Sallian friends,
i wanna say thank you.
for everything.
gossip about me huh?
if i found whoever that person is,
you jaga la.

Aaron Timothy Minjoot
Toh Chun Ho
Lim Jih Yang
Chua Yumin
Sanjeeva Rao
Christopher Lee Raj
Ter Chih Hua
Goh Menning
Nur Ikmal B.Azmi
Bryant Lee
Lim Ben Zhi
Tan Lee Hsiang
Yap Wee Lim
Jared Hamish
Sabash Karajj

please report to me if you see them :)

oh well.
i got to go now.
wanna go back dating my books.
and debate.

wish me luck,everyone!!