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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Just had my dental appointment .Pfft.Freaking slow service :( Have to wait for like another two months to get my braces.Blah.They asked me to wear some kind of steel thingy inside my mouth and now everytime I chewed something,I felt tickle-ish.*geram geram*

Most of my friends are now privatising their blog.The reason? certain bloody stalkers keeping on getting on their last nerve.Babi betul -_____________- get your own life la!What for go stalking people's blog?No life eh?Well,I got a solution for all of you stalkers.Go and do Add Maths questions!I am serious.It is much better than getting on people's last nerves and make them wanna break your neck into half.Blah.

My friend's boyfriend thinks I am so desperate to be his friend. wth?ewwwwwww....mamat perasan!Like I care if you dont want to talk to me or whatsoever.I am not going to cry or moan.You and your ugly attitude.Never ever going talk to you.WEIRDO.Blah

I am getting more sensitive by days.I dont know why.My friend told me that I sounded and acted different already.Did I? makes me feel guilty =/ Sorry guys.

I am going to Convent's IU Day.yay! finally! some socializing.LOL Gonna meet up with Aaron,Christopher,Irene and Carolyn.Looking forward for it!

Toh Chun Ho thinks I am weird =.= okay,fine.Most 5L students think I am weird.Especially Kevin.hehe am I? *shrugs* I keep on vandalising Ikmal's calculator *maniac laugh* and continue harrassing Chua Yumin makes me feel superior (quote from my twin)

I lost my voice during Sports Day.Healing now.Phewww.

Super Junior's Sorry Sorry is contagious.

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Currently addicted to Noop Dawg baybeh! ily <3

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*nose bleed*

I want to watch Archie LIVE in Malaysia!

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watched Russell Peter on YouTube.
freaking hilarious.

Saya sayang awak :)