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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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For you I will
Monday, March 9, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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As you can see,
I am now officially back to my blogging mood.
Maybe I'll stop blogging in a nanosec(which you know is simply impossible)
Here's some update what had happened in my life so far.

I've lost interest in all social websites that I've joined
with exception of Facebook

Friendster and Myspace are getting more boring day by day.Maybe because me abandoning it for like few months before made all my foreign friends dont bother contacting me again.My Yearbook sucks like hell(I've deleted my account already).I cant do anything in these website,even uploading any new photo *pouts* and the interenet browsing to sign in is freakishly slowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! I dont know about anyone of you,but I had enough of Myspace-ing or Frienster-ing at the moment.So guys,dont bother sending me messages in Friendster or Myspace,aite? I comment,but not message.sorry :]

p/s: Aaron,I've added TS in Myspace *happy happy* :)

SPM life
huh?SPM? 6 more months to go. *gasp* and seriously,I've done nothing so far.Here,I wanted to apologize to my sis for stealing all her online-ing time when I was supposed to work my arse out revising all the subjects. *slapped myself hard* Sorry yea,kaknyah :( My test results isnt something that I'm proud of.Seriously.I mean,who would be happy if you got every grades in your report card? TCH told me to work harder next time and stop stalking him I wont do that,sayang.sorry *winks* XD

guess what?I might be featured in a magazine soon.with Sanjeeva. awsomeness nyaaaaaa!!!everything is still under discussion but the problem now is that I'm lazy to send the details to her(the person in charge). hehe ^^ and I'm thinking of adopting Hazim,Sukdhip and Lam as my spies for TCH.I cant let TCH go around gaying with other guys in his school.never! *retard* muahahaha LOL! Chua,your juniors are as cute as ever la (!) haha

[Expanding the equation]
(Hazim + Sukdhip + Lam) TCH= Spy
Therefore, 3 minor LSKians are equal to 1 major LSKians

p/s: Comels,if you are reading this,please agree and we'll proceed to the next level =]

School holidays is just around the corner and I want to go lepak with my kick ass buddies (read Jas Min's blog) and also with my girlfriends.Watching either Dragonball or Watchmen.Anybody's in?This time,I'll make sure that the crowd be bigger and more happening haha.

Motorcycle License
I have to delay the date again to take my P motorcycle license due to certain circumstances.I dont know when will I get my license but I promise all of you,as soon as I get my license, call me,beep me,whenever you need me because I'll be competely and officially illegal to ride my motorcycle.weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I can never ever get tired speaking them.yesh!MY FRIENDS ROXX MY SOXX!! be jealous if you're not one of them.I love them so much and I'm willing to do anything for them.So,to those of you who tried to hurt my friends,beware! I'll hunt you down if you did! *roared*

Just wanna wish my friend,Amy Soo a happy belated birthday.Sorry babe,I forgot to wish you earlier.May you had a great birthday and god bless you always.muah!

To me evil twin,glad you had a great birthday.Sorry for the no-cake-situation Hee :D

upcoming birthdays:
James Lee
'Amira Syahirah
*sorry if i missed out any of your names*

*preparing surprise for them*

oh well.
that's all for now.
please take note that I am now officially shutting down my blog atm.
maybe two post in one week.
I cant promise you.


hear me.