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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Please Dont Stop the Music
Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I went balik kampung for the past four days.came back home yesterday.Nothing much happened actually.oh yeah.I almost died of boredom at my entertaiment at all.except for the telly without any Astro.I watched some empat segi punya kartun on Saturday morning.Felt so childish.HAHA nevermind about that.

Anyhow,I didnt get to stalk the hottie hot hottie next door neighbour *sobs* haha.Turn out to be,he's having some assignment at Pahang.So,he didnt get to come back and stay with her mother(she's staying beside my grandma's house).Gosh,I am such a stalker *stick out tongue*

Thank you to Pei Ghee,Danny and Yun Ming for the companion :) I hearts you peeps.muah! XD

My ibu came to stay overnight with her children a.k.a my cousins and well.we had a hell of time.My darling cousie,Sabrina straightened her hair and she looked DA BOMB! lol ibu also did the same thing :) We ate all sorts of food when all my cousie came to visit my grandma.It's like a big gathering.Awesomeness,i tell you! There's cendol,some Perak-ians dishes which I cant recall its names and lots and lots of food.Yummy~

Thank you,ibu for reloading my credit although it is now nyawa-nyawa ikan already *grins*

On my way back from Perak,I stopped by at a nearby fun fair.It's been a while since I stepped into this kind of place.So,in the car,I've imagined so many things that would be at the funfair.the roller coaster,the big shining marry go round,and fun stores.I was completely excited la.Let me tell you,dont trust your inner excitement.Waste of time.It is because the moment I reached there,I was like , 'WHAT?' It looked more like a place that had just been hit by garuda than a fun fair.SERIOUS!regret spending for like RM16 riding a weird looking ferris wheel.oh least,my gian terubat.XD

I reached home at around 9.After I head to mamak to celebrate Joey's birthday.It was fun with all my friends there.Seow Wei,Mae Vin,Rock Chan,May Shuen,Sue Ann,Zee Yeng,Xin Yi,Cherrie,and of course,Joey the GREAT. but again,I regret buying the fried rice.It is too spicy and wayy too many black pepper.*hate black pepper hate black pepper* grrrr.The cake cutting was the best part.We took loads of photos with the birthday babe.and guess what,her cake was written 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREATEST PERSON ON EARTH,JO YEE!' haha the best birthday cake ever :) Thank you to Cherrie for inviting me to the mamak session.and happy birthday to you,Jo! god bless ya!



and you know youme too!

and I am back being single now.
this married stuff is making me go whacko already.

Chua Yumin,
again im telling you,
watch out.

anything that happened,
TCH roared!!

i missed you.REALLY.