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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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so HOT!
Thursday, March 12, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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I missed this guy.

I met him back when I was in Form 3.
I look extremely weird.
Selekeh la.

wonder what he got for his STPM.

Ignore the weird title post.
Nowdays,I tend to put song title as my title post.
I dont know why.
please dont ask me why.

Life has been great so far.School reopened after one day holiday for Prophet Muhammad s.a.w's birthday.and I'm a little tired.There's a lot of catching up to do.Studies are just doing fine.still havent start revising for SPM =.='.Dead! My mother kept scolding me as I spent to much time going online.sorry mummy.School holidays is next week and by right,all of you should take notice,a school holiday was never meant to be one.SERIOUSLY! I mean,extra classes from Monday to Thursday?! what the heck,man! next time,better not give the letter telling there will be school holidays and bla..bla..bla...bullshit,i tell you.

I want to watch movies with my girlfriends but they already have plan this Saturday and I cant tag along.Sad case,right?Maybe i'll go out with my other bowling,go to the arcade.go all nutcase-ed.Haha or watch another movie?Only time will tell.

The alienated teacher that I've mentioned before in my post lost my public speaking speech for Thursday presentation.and she expect me to do a new one in one day.what a complete moron.grrrr....and teacher,sweet talks doesnt works on if you think you can just get away with it,think again.

To you-know-who-are-you,stop thrashing me in your blog.Next time,if you want to seek for homeworks when you were absent on that particular day,DON'T COME AND FIND ME!you asked a general statement and you expect me to elaborate more?I can do that.but then,when I'm explaining,you go why you're blaming me now? knocked your head on the wall before you start talking.I can get pissed too,you know.

TCH seems to be avoiding me.Sobs I think he's chasing after another girl? well well.good for him then.I dont really want to crack my head thinking about it because it makes my heart stop beating due to the extreme sadness. T.T People,(especially to that someone)PLEASE take note.I AM NOT A PLAYGIRL!.I can never be one.Just because I'm in good relationship with all my guys friend,you tend to spread rumors about me?Sigh.Humans are so unpredictable.You're jealous,arent you?Just admit it.There's nothing wrong with that.or maybe you are not from this planet?confront me if you dare.I'll treat you Baskin Robbins for sure (WTF.I'm promising something that I never buy before)

Enough being mad to various people.
All this things makes me look old =.=' just like my Biology teacher

To Chris,
thanks a lot for your help.
ILY <3

To Onani Lim's mummy,
I'll find time to do your tag :)

To Danny,
be patient.
I'll tell you everything when we meet up.
you owed me a HUG.

To Hazim,
thanks for being such loyal reader.
and spy.

kudos to you,Sarah :D

*screamed out loud*

I'm done for now.