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#1:Kwang Hua non Grata.funneh.
Sunday, April 26, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Yesterday was Kwang Hua's annual prefect gathering.
and yeah.

Kudos to the Kwang Hua prefects for pulling their event succesfully.

I got to meet loads of new friends and meet up back with my gang.Hehehehe.

I reached there around 11.30 with my motorbike,of course and everyone was like,' 'whoaaaaa...this budak kecik can actually ride a motorbike ah?' Bleh. I know I'm short la.

Meet up with Chuan Hong (actually I felt awkward calling him Chuan Hong since I've known him with his surname which is Teh,but since Suki kept calling him Chuan Hong,so I just follow the flow :) ) and Suki.Chuan Hong seemed lost without his HSKians people.Turned out to be that Suki is also the Head Of Bereau Of Cleanliness like me.One gang la :D So long didnt see them.No more misery.Heh.

Chuan Hong: Is that your own motorbike?
Me: Yeap.
Suki: you can ride your own motorbike?cool.
Chuan Hong: *smirks and laughed*
Me:what wrong?
Chuan Hong: you can reached the ground with that height?
Me: -________-

After that,I waited for my friends near the guard's house.More and more prefects' came.I saw Sammie,Sanjeeva,Huey Chin,Lee Hsiang and a lot of other prefects.

Too many to be written down o.O

After that it was registration time.Since the were so many prefects are on queue,I've decided to mingle with my prefects gang la.Chatted with Suki,Desh,Teh( seriously calling him Chuan Hong makes me feel like an alien.Heh.),Sanjeeva,Ashwin,Toh *ehem*,Huey Chin and few others.

  • Teh cant stop promoting his IRR Run.
  • I am totally HIGHed at that time.
  • Suki are a complete camwhore.
  • I took everyone's belongings.
  • Deshvin is very likeyyyyyyyyyyy.LOL
  • Sanjeeva is a show off
  • Ashwin is TALL.
  • Huey Chin is officially YYM and CY's twin.Triplets la.

Teh: *explaining to those who are listening* come to our charity is for charity.will be super not lying.*confidence*
Me: *looking at Deshvin* Is he okay?
Desh: *gigles* he memang like that la.
Me: tak betul eh?
Desh: *nods*

Teh Chuan Hong is very semangat.

As usual,we will decorate this one board with our signatures.
pretty colours.LOL

Moving on,all of us proceed to the hall.and BK sat beside La Salle.Well,it was my idea actually.Hehehe.Behind us was prefects from Raja Lumu.In front of us was MGS.I am surrounded by the gila-gila schools.I sat next to Sanjeeva and the event started.There speeches and blah,blah,blah. *lazy to elaborate* and during the roll calls,the emcee actually missed to mention SMK La Salle.Sanjeeva was like, "yen na dei!" huarghhhhhh.they themsleves are kinda pissed.LOL

Ice breaking session.Mingle with other prefects.Bullied by Yun Ming.Took pictures with a lot of prefects.*grins*

Lunch memang besh.The food was superb.Sedap :) *thumbs up*

Bullied by the La Sallians.again.

Me: How tall are you,Ashwin?
Ashwin: me? I am 191 cm.6 feet 1 inch.
Arif: *laughed* you are so small *pointing at me* like a Standard One student.
Toh: *laughed even harder* Atika,are you lost?the primary school is over there.
Arif: *immitating a teacher* okey murid-murid.hari ini kita belajar macam mana nak tulis ABC *grins*

Okay.enough elaborations of the conversations.

moral of the story:

The games was fun.and also the performances.It was truly enjoyable.During the games session,Everyone practically enjoyed and joined the games.Heh.Yun Ming and I were doing the square dancing all the way.Later the two of us joined the LSK + HSK annual dance whereby they did do the side to side leg dance.LOL it was funneh.Since I am so small,Yun Ming and Toh had to bend down while hugging my shoulder.Hehe.then Toh complained his back hurts after the dancing sessions ends.

I took Sanjeeva's peculiar lucky draw gift ,three cloth pegs and fooled around with it.Sammie thought it was mine and took it away from me.Huarghhh and then the running session begins.I had to run all over the school hall chasing after Yun Ming,Sammie,Huey Chin and some other MGS girls.

kenakan me teruk-teruk.

The cloth ended up in Ashwin's hand and i have to jump to take the pegs from.He is tall la.what do you expect?Pfft.I spend a total of 3564782910675849 seconds draining my energy chasing after that things.Heh.

the best part?

*taken from Sanjeeva's blog*

abuthen, my BIG junior made me spin..... (you know where a gf and a bf will be in a field with only PURE green grass, only one single tree in the MIDDLE of the padang, and the weather is perfect, all of a sudden they hold hands and spin...ah thats the way) just that he was a BIG guy, im a small guy =.-". the momment was like "you spin my head right round, when you go down , when you go down now! - know the song? ah yess....i went right down and i broke my watch (PMR gift worth RM200) it's pricelessly cheap. EXPENSIVE FOR ME! Bruised my arm, haha but i enjoyed it. xP. lying on the ground like a dong.


Try to imagine that.
Enough said.

Journey back home was okay.
I rempit la.
what not?


At night,I went to my uncle's house in Shah Alam.
Super cosy.
got to eat pizza.
but effin' late thought the pizza shop was only 2 kilometres away.
Pizza Hut -.-

Not much to elaborate either.
But my grandad and uncle is my loyal blog reader.


Jason rang me today's morning.

Me: ...hello????.....
Jason:Wake up told me who had a lot of things to do right?
Jason: Wake up! go and wash your face! and stop sounding so blur!
Me:...yeah yeah....
Jason: Take a shower.dont push the snooze button!
Me: *clicks off the phone*

Thanks Jason for waking me up.

p/s: mid year exams is coming soon.very soon.Need to buckle up.Teheeee ^^
pp/s: You cant stop me from writing about you in my blog
ppp/s: I rocks more than you! :D D :D

TCH ily
you are so smexy.

This blog is on hiatus ;)

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