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Awesome,that is (:
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Today was okay I guess.Biology was the most enjoyable subject of the day.Surprise? Yeah,me too.kinda la.Miss Teh was in a very good mood.she kept cracking us up by telling us jokes about nerves impulse and receptors. We are learning Biology Chapter 3.Hehe. and Shastabavani is very annoying =/

I didnt ride my motorbike today due to the heavy I am going for my dental appointment in the afternoon.So,yeah,no rempit-ing for one day.LOL The day at school actually started with an unpleasant's regarding the prefectorial board *details shall not be elaborated here* Miss Tan gave us a piece of her mind which I think is 101 % true.Enough said.

The meeting ended around 7.40 and as usual I proceed back to my class since I dont have to jaga pagar today.As I step into the class,my Sivik teacher were already there.folding her arms and glare at me(seriously scary).I tend to ignore the glare and proceed to my seat.and then,she called me.

Teacher: Atika,kenapa saya selalu tak nampak awak dalam kelas masa waktu Sivik??
me: Err..saya selalu M.C hari Selasa.ada appointment dengan doktor.
Teacher : Takkan tiap-tiap minggu M.C? Awak jangan tipu saya.
me: *pissed* Saya tak cakap pun saya M.C tiap-tiap hari.Saya banyak hal la cikgu.Minta maaf.Saya janji takkan buat lagi. * I have to apologise because I respect her and I am a prefect*
Teacher: Hmmm.... *cynically looking at me* ok la.awak boleh duduk.tapi ingat,awak sepatutnya tunjuk teladan yang baik memandangkan awak seorang pengawas.
me: *nods**sit down*
Teacher: kelas,dengar baik-baik ye.awak semua sepatutnya berada di dalam kelas semasa matapelajaran Sivik.kita nak buat projek khidmat masyarakat kan?saya tak nak ada yang lepas tangan dalam buat projek ni.siapa yang lepas tangan,saya akan potong markah.
me: -_____________________________________- *damnyou*

Ok fine.I admit that I always went missing during Sivik.but it is definately NOT on purpose,ok? do you think I like being out from class for no reason??? well at some purpose,I do.but heck have no right to remind me what I've been doing for the past four years in high school and three years in primary.yes.I know you are talking about commitment and punctuality.I know what I am doing all this while.I am sorry if my disappearance during your class made you go nuts or whatsoever.Bleh.

To be honest,my Sivik teacher is is the way she thought us.I missed my old Sivik teacher.*tears* The new one is like,tak best langsung.Pfft.I am not going to ruin the day because of her. *stop being on rage*

Three of my dear friends got scolded by that think you are so smart huh?got to hell la have no right to embarass anyone in front of total strangers.bitch.slut.ho *tooooooooooot* %^&*($#@%^&*(!

*end update*

Moving on,the RIMUP programme had started since yesterday and this year as usual,10 form 4 students from SMK SAS will spend one week learning in Bukit Kuda and vice versa.the welcoming ceremony was indeed great.LOL and some of them do notice that I look alike with my sister.aish.and some of them even thought that I am her.wth.wth -.-

In the afternoon,I went to the dentist to extract another one of my teeth.for braces,of course.It feels normal la.the pain and the numb after being injected.Heh.and the doctor who extract my teeth is super cute.Feels like biting his neck somehow.LMAO XD Don't jugde me.I am not horny.shut up.

Finally got over of the craving owe-ing a LAOK Crew t-shirt in my possesion.Me dont want it anymore.Nanti dia marah =/

I am so excited for this Saturday.prefects' gathering! hehe and now I am busy doing my speech for the school magazine.Editor-In-Chief mah.Hehehehehehe.till then,everyone.byeeeee!

Jason Ong,stay strong.
it's not your fault at all.
why should you blame yourself??
you deserved someone better.

I am addicted to TCH.
*muah muah kat dia*

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