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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Finding my head in the hole.
Saturday, April 11, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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Eye candy of the day :

My Archie is super cute in Baju Melayu.
I want to kiss him.
Kahwinilah saya,Ahmad David Archuleta Bin Abdullah
Its been a while since I updated my blog.

was busy with exams and editorial stuff.

Life has been great so far.

The fact that I am struggling handling my editorial board is endless.Sigh.I am not blaming anyone but please understand my situation.I am very busy and I really dont have time to deal with your drama queen attitude.If you have anything that you are not satisfied with me,please come and see me personally.dont go and spread rumours about me to everyone else.

Screw you la.

I am trying my best to make everyone happy and it is not working.I mean,what am I?your dumb puppet to be fool around?Despite everything that I've done to make you happy,you still want more.Pfft.I had enough of it,ok? Next time,dont expect me to go and and do everything that you want to do.

My exams are worse than before.Yeah I know.I didnt study,so serve me right.I am not proud of it,okay?Dont blame me only.I have no time to study at all.and the teachers were expecting way too much from me.I might as well split my self into half one day to make everyone happy.

I got my add maths marks today and I was expecting the result.Dont ask.As I said,I was expecting it.It is definately not satisfiying,that's why I am posting it not in a really me-are-happy tone.


Bloody thing.
MSN 9.0 not good.AT ALL.
tarak best =/

Exams are now over(which I didnt care less about) and I am more pressure of sitting papers that might explode my brain.Heh.


I dont want to be involved in any dramas or class politics,so,PEACE,everyone! (quote from Susu)

Now for the updates.

#1 : I am legal to rempit on the road.
LOL.I am just kidding but yeah,I passed my P motorcycle license last Tuesday.Happy!! *dance around like a monkey* haha.It wasnt that hard but I was afraid to fail at that time because a lot of people didnt even managed to go through the first part of the test.Anyhow,YAY ME! LOOK OUT WORLD!ATIKA IS IN THE ZONE! :D :D :D :D

#2: Finally got my own motorcycle.

As I've mentioned earlier,I am now legal to ride motorcycle anywhere,anytime I want.So yeah,Sanjeeva,after this can go lepaking for sure :) My own motorcycle,how cool is that? Lol.and I going to ride my motorcycle to school starting from next week.With my sister XD

Modenas Kriss 100 Pictures, Images and Photos

mine is purple.
Big Bang spirit! :)

and next stop is to ride this sexy beast.

kawasaki ZX 10 R Pictures, Images and Photos

The only problem now is I am too short -_____-
and too light.


Wait for me!I'll get you soon!

#3: I can bake.SERIOUSLY.and putting on my friends' weight in return.
Learn how to bake donuts and pizza recently with the help from my mom and sister.and the result was okay.Give some to my friends :) Good comments in return. Right,Aaron? *giggles*

Dunkin Donut Pictures, Images and Photos

I can really bake this.

#4 : Going for kem agama on the next next Saturday and Sunday (figure out the date yourself)
By right,I wont be able to attend Kwang Hua's prefect gathering and also IRR Run organised by the Interact Club of High School Klang.Sad but I am sure that I will gain something from the camp.hihi ^^

#5 : Friend in need is a friend indeed.
2009 has been hard for me.I got hectic schedule and hectic life.I got a lot of things to handle and sometimes,I feel like I've left out my friends.To all my friends out there,I am sorry if yours truly have not be herself anymore in front of you.I apologised from the bottom of my heart.I wasnt my intention and I promised myself and to all of you that the Atika you know all this while are going to shine from the dark anytime sooner :) Patient yeah?

Life is not like what we always imagined.Sometimes we just have to deal with the fact that we cant satisfy everyone by just who we are.But trust me,just be yourself and do your best in everything you do.Ignore the brainless people that always tend to look down on you.Prove to them that you are strong and no matter what,you believe in yourself.I believe in you.

I hope that I didnt do anything that had offend you in any ways.If I do,I am really sorry.I am always here for you,no matter what.Just stop feeling down or whatsoever.Friends do come and go,but I stay.FOR YOU :) So,cheer up,ok? I want the old Danny back.LOL

I'm done for now.


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