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Huargh.Tiredness.Highlights Of The Week.
Sunday, April 19, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So how was your week?Mine is tiring.seriously tiring.I am awake after sleeping for only 5 hours body are currently aching like hell.Pfft.major tiredness.After all this,I will definately take a looooooooooooooooooooooooong vacations with my friends.away from all these pain-in-the-ass works.well,after SPM of course.Bleh.I need rest.seriously.This is week has been the most hectic one.Why did I say that?because now I am currently busy dealing with my editorial board.Creative writings.Reports.and pictures.Yeah loads of them.


Here's some of the recaps.

First of all,let me introduce to all of you my Editorial Board members.the all new improve ones.

Teacher Advisor: Pn.Hasiah Ramli
Editor-In-Chief :Nurul Dizamira Atika Mohd Sikun
Co.Editor-In-Chief : Ye Hwee Janelle Han Desuyo.
Vice Co. Editor : Foo Mei Fen
Secretary: Siti Ayuni Hamka
Sponsorship Director: Farah Syaika Disa Mohd Rafik

Language Directors
Head: Wan Sue Ann
Assistant: Nurul Amira Mohd Sikun

BM: Nur Emiliya Ilmudin
English: Wan Sue Ann
Tamil : Sindhu Darshini Verasingam
Chinese: Chong Mae Vin

Reports/Computing Unit
-Tan Jo Yee
-Cherrie Lee Sue Jing
-Khor Zee Yeng
-Amy Soo Choon Mae
-Nurul Amira Mohd Sikun

Graphic Unit
-Ye Hwee Janelle Han Desuyo
-Michelle Chan Hway Yi

-Farah Nabilah Mokhtar
-Nur Syakila Khaleeda Abdullah Sani

-Ye Hwee Janelle Han Desuyo
-Foo Mei Fen

-'Amira Syahirah Mohd Amin
-Nur Syafiqah Zarazoli
-Tan Win Li

I dont know why am I posting about this,but I just feel like it.Heh.I am so busy that I dont even have time to get some real sleep.Crap -.-.I am so tired right now that I can barely see what is in front of me.Feels like banging my head on the wall.FOR REAL.DANG DANG DANG DANG.

Ugh.So,my 2nd Standardised test were out.and I SUCKED.Everything drop except for BM and EST.ultimate shits i tell you.Some paper were hard,some were pleasing,some was just easy that I am not smart enough to aced it.Sad.some of the marks were totally expected.

You know what,I've realise that I can stay away from going online for a yay me! Other than blogging,I dont think that I got nothing to do when im online.except for chatting through MSN.and checking out my Facebook.My Friendster and Myspace are dead.totally dead.

SPM is getting nearer and proudly saying that I've started feels great.ahahahahahahaha x) My circle of friends is expanding(I dont know whether this is the correct word to describe it) and I am very happy.I met a lot of new friends throughout last year and this year.
SPM is in a matter of months and I'm scared, that's undeniable. And updates on my mid term test anyways. There's still time to study. I hope.

Anyways,this week end with bad news,good news and all sorta craps.Pfft.

bad news:

Missing all my friends.Nowdays,even if we met at school,I dont even have time to mingle or chat with them.All thanks to the work loads.Pfft.I miss talking to I used to be.I want to be with them when they need me.Worse of all,my other friends from other
schools.dudes,imissyou la! Thank god we have phones.Sometimes chat with them through sms.or calls.Geez,i am going to throw up if everything continues like this.Bleh.

Situation 1

Friday was the Teacher's Day performance auditions.I was there to witness everything.Heh.Since I will be the emcee on that day kan.LOL

Shahirah came and asked me:

Shahirah: Eh.Kalau kitaorang nak buat performance boleh tak?
me: *nods* boleh boleh.
Shahirah: tapi kitaorang nak baut style minus one.
me: sure thing.
Shahirah: kau jangan la gelak kalau bila aku nyanyi nanti.
me: -______________- fine.


Situation 2

I texted Toh yeasterday.a complete LOL-ed.

me: Toh,dont kill me if you read my blog later.LOL
Toh:...something again?Haven read i will kill you already....
me:lol.yerrrr....why everyone eants to kill me?i did nothing wrong yang rasa nak nangis ni *tears* x)
Toh:LOL.what did you write about huh? *suspicious*
me: *dot dot dot*

after a few minutes,he replies:

Toh:.....I cant on my computer..The computer main power wire disappear..
me: Oh better find it la.mana tau you misplaced it ke.
Toh: parents kept the wire.
me: =.='

I end up laughing my ass off after that.funneh *laughed hard*

Situation 3

Shasta: Dei Atika,what r u doing ha?
me: Chatting.doing Bio.makan-ing.why did you ask?
Shasta: Nothing la.I am just bored.who are you sms-ing?Aaron?
me: Nope.sms-ing Chris,Alvin and Amy.apasal?
Shasta: I am sms-ing him now.
me: Who?Aaron?
Shasta: yea.
me: Poyo la kau.

kepoyoan when sms-ing my agogo partner.Eleh.

Situation 4
warning Aaron about Shasta the poyohabisdandperasancun punya budak

me:Aaaron!ahahahahaha! im back to haunt your phone! heh.are you msg-ing Shasta now?wei! careful la! she's evil! EVIL i tell you! LOL i dah mereng.crap.
Aaron: Haha! guess what? I forgot what mereng means XD Yup sms-ing chill la,she cant bite me.Haha
me: She will.maybe. *dots* LOL she poyo giler la! ceh.
Aaron:Haha.chill la,you know im just being courteous,as you gentleman ke?Haha funneh facts XD funneh facts!LMAO

Aaron being all perasan.AGAIN.

chatted with Amira and Jason the whole night yesterday.Thanks guys for accompanying me ;) Amira is busyeh stalking her Korean heartrobs and Jason?well...errr.....he got love problems.Heh.The both of us are like totally kesian.LOL *details shall not be elaborated here*

and hey people!I am into somebody right now.but geesh.he's taken.married to be exact.LOL *you know who la* I didnt get to stalk him yesterday.ROFL. ish kekecewaan.nyiahahahaha XD *retard* Aaron,dont kill me.please.

I cant view my friends' private blog.crap. -____________________________- i want to know what is happening in their life. *tears* Take note everyone.I am not going to my camp agama.due to some family problems. *pouts* but heh.i am allowed to go the Kwang Hua's prefects' Gatherings. *happy happy* Sadly,some of my prefects gang are not going.

Sanjeeva & Ben Zhi : Scout Camp.
Chua : Music class
Melvin: Busyeh.

At least Danny boy is going.
muah muah *cium pipi Danny*
ngeh ngeh.

and Toh.
ilebiu :P

no idea.
well enough post for now.

I am tired.
and I got loads of stuffs to do.


Will you marry me?
xoxo ily

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