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I am not stupid
Thursday, April 2, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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What will you feel if you own friend back stabbed you?

You'll feel mad right?

That is how I am feeling right now.

The story goes like this.
I was absent on Tuesday because I have to go to the dental appointment and apparantely we were having Biology (pain in the ass punya subject) on that day.Our very own Miss Old Virgin was extremely pissed because my class didnt hand in our Biology works for the Science and Maths week.There were three groups and one of the group have done their work.

Fine with that.

By the way,Miss old Virgin break her own nagging record.

Date : 31 March 2009
Time : 11.30 am
Place : Biology Lab,SMK(P) BK
New Nag Record : 1 HOUR!

What is the purpose of her nagging?
to make us students wake up from reality and pay attention to her more?
more like ultimate boredom.

You dont have to spend such long time to tell us what should we do.A few minutes would do la.You told us that we are wasting our time doing nothing important compared to Biology.How about when you waste our time by nagging?One hour finished just like that.No wonder you havent get married at the age of 53

seriously saying,
my Biology class is super boring.
even more boring than History.

Back to the story.

everything went totally wrong when someone told her that I am the head of the third group(which I dont know about) and I am responsible for everything.


I know nothing about it and now I have to squeeze my brain out thinking what should I do to decorate the Bio lab.Yesterday,I have to go and see her and get a nice scolding.
Super nice,right?


Until now,I am freaking pissed to whoever that told her that.

To the culprit,beware.
If I found you,it will be the last day of you breathing.

I am serious.

What did I do to you until you hate me so much?
Putting me in a lot of trouble.

I have a lot of responsibilities you know.
and you expected me to do everything for your own sweet time?

Go and die la.

moral of the story: Biology makes your brain gone haywire.

I hate you so much that I rather looked and talked to the pig than talking to you.
you are such a BABI-fied person.

If I found you,
dont expect me to forgive you.
NOT in this life.


Minggu yang penuh duka.
It was too depressing that I don't even want to talk about it. Ishh, everytime I think of what happened, I feel like cursing everybody and strangle every single person that made my week so miserable and horrible.

Sorry guys, this week mood tak menentu. Bukan mood swing. It's just that I have anger management problem.

I hope tomorrow would be much better.
In every ways.

*take a deeeeeeeeeeeep breath*

I am done expressing my anger.

Now the updates.

My school was the the host for ePPDa competition on Wednesday.
and I was there to help the teachers out.

meet my comels ^^
They look so gaya with the blazer.
funny though.
the blazer was slightly bigger than them.
cant stop grinning when looking at them.

Meet the on lala~ Yeo I-Rene and the gang
*squint eyes*

I devoted myself for them.
my teacher was like,
"Atika..kenapa awak layan budak La Salle je?kata nak bersosial dengan orang lain?"
and I was like,
"Errr.... *paused for a nano sec and continued talking with the boys*"


SMK (P) Kapar participants thinks they are so pretty that they cant even smile back at us when we gave them our warmest welcome.
pretty my ass la.

I went camwhoring the whole day with Ayuni's camera.
snap here.
snap there.
snapped pictures with the boys.

Most the participants are quite friendly.
with exception of few retarded atitude punya sekolah.

FYI,the true meaning of cute is actually ugly but adorable.
so next time,
dont call anyone cute.
Some of them terasa.

I shall upload the pictures soon.
Vey yau yeng :)


Lam Ka-Jhun is officially FAMOUS in Bukit Kuda.
habis la kau,Lam
even more famous than Sanjeeva

Sukhdip and Hazim was Pfft-ing all the time.

most of my friends thought the boys are in Form 5.
*roll eyes*

I know la I'm short.

Hazim and Sukhdip,
jangan la jealous.
pergi la buat plastic sugery.Jadikan anda berdua Lam punya klon.Gerenti famous punya la.

My Form 4 juniors literally screamed when Lam approached them after they call him.

The results:
Bukit Kuda (yay!)
SMK Meru
LSK (weeeee!)

Congrats to Joey,Cherrie and Mae Vin for the winning.
Lam,Sukhdip and Hazim for winning the third placing.

dont be sad.
cheer up,ok?

I'll bring something for you on Saturday :)

I know this is kinda late,


14 March 2009

god bless yea.
Have a great year ahead :)

Today's birthday boy.
La Salle's very own Bryant Lee.LOL

Happy 17th Birthday,Bryant!

우리는 친구가 된다 우리가 진짜로 알지 않더라도, 그러나 나가 기쁘더라도.

wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

당신은 도중 내내 최고 이다 :)

thats all for now.
I wanna go back cracking my head thinking about Biology.
Bleh *stick out tongue*

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