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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Danny Lim
You are highly perceptive and intuitive with a wonderful imagination and the ability to manifest your dreams in reality. You are able to create joy, security and harmony for yourself and in the lives of others by the support and dedication which you give. Often the centre of influence people admire your fine qualities and follow your example. Much happiness is gained through your willingness to serve good causes.

Toh Chun Ho
Honest, hardworking and determined your abilities can lead you to great worldly success. Having a keen mind and emotional maturity your interpersonal skills are well developed and make you ideal for positions of leadership or group projects. People admire you for your integrity, patience and fairmindedness. You enjoy life to the full and are an example to others of what industry and tenacity can bring.

Sanjeeva Rao
You are idealistic and have a keen intellect and imagination. Philosophical with a gentle, romantic and giving nature your desire is to help others and benefit mankind. You attract many friends and are loved by all for your nurturing and understanding ways. Once a project has been started your determination and focus always ensures that it is completed. You exude peace and contentment and bring this into your environment and associations.

Aaron Minjoot
Your energy, enthusiasm and willingness to seek out new challenges makes you an inspirational leader. You adhere to the principles of honesty and integrity and support order and justice. With a perceptive and probing mind you love to delve below the surface of things in your quest for knowledge. Your natural talents and productive nature may draw you to the fields of writing or research.

Tan Jo Yee
You have great self-confidence and a charming personality which attracts many friends and admirers. Your innate sense of personal power and ability to lead are ideally suited to positions of authority. Being so versatile and seeing the big picture your ambitions are high and much is usually expected of you. With patience and tenacity you will certainly fulfill the great potential you have for success.

Amy Soo
Life is never dull with your adventurous and restless spirit. You are always on the move and seeking a new challenge to pit your wits against. Being in touch with nature you love the outdoors. You have keen intuition and a desire for knowledge and you can be something of a crusader. When you apply discipline and tenacity to your energetic mind then leadership positions are easily available to you.

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