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Saturday, April 25, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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After reading Amy's blog,



We had our class photoshoot today.
and it was completely hilarious.


*taken from Amy's blog*

We had our photoshoot this morning for 5s2 when we were about to walk into the chemist lab.. After all of us have gathered at the tapak perhimpunan (Freaking warm this morning), i went to the staffroom to call my dearest class teacher, Pn Chong.. As i went into the staffroom, she was looking at the mirror and turn left, right to look at her hair.. I was like, 'teacher!..' She turned to me, " Photoshoot rite?" I said,'YES!' I almost burst out laughing when she said, ' Ok, coming in awhile , i want to comb my hair first! I must look nice.. ' Then i said, " Haiyo teacher, take picture only mah, OH, no wonder today u wear like this la (She look nice in her dress).. She laughed.. I wonder if all chemistry teachers are like that? (Miss Linda is also a good example) Haha..

I followed teacher to the photoshoot corner, and i saw that most of my classmates-- u know, were finding their perfect angle so that they will look nice.. The whether was so hot and all of us barely can open our eyes.. During the photoshoot, monitor and I (assistant) sat beside Pn Chong.. Before we took the first picture, Pn.Sujitan (Photography teacher) taught us a technique on how to have a nice face appear on the photo cuz at that moment we were facing to the direction where the sun was.. She closed her eyes and said, "Buat macam ini. Pastu, 1 2 3! Buka! (Opened her eyes with funny expression)" My whole class including teacher laughed.. I (as usual) laughed like nobody's listening..

So we are required to take two pictures. One is the main picture and another will be our freestyle pic. Everyone looked very serious in the first picture including me (pretended), but our eyes very the small!! All of us try to maintain our best smile but it seems very difficult cuz of the SUN!! Haha.. Everyone also shiok already so-- WHO CARES?!! Haha.. Then, i gotta tell this, during the freestyle photoshoot, this particular person, NURUL DIZAMIRA ATIKA BT. MOHD SIKUN aka crazy fella ran from the back to the front and sat on teacher's lap!!!! Right in the middle of teacher and I.. Gosh.. I cant imagine how the way she hugged teacher cuz i was looking at the camera with my best pose and i didnt managed to see what she did.. Haha..

Ngeh ngeh.



To Amy,
this is what actually happens.

photographer:ok.freestyle. *get ready with his DSLR*
Me: *runs to Pn.Chong**sat on her*
Pn Chong: *almost get heart attack* ATIKA!what are you trying to do ??
Me *grins* Heh.teacher,i want to sit on your lap la.
Pn Chong: *shivers*
Me *sat on Pn.Chong*
Pn.Chong: *giggle + terrified* you better dont kiss me.
Me: *nods* okeyh.
Pn.Chong: pheww


as the photographer count to 3,
I grabbed Pn.Chong and kissed her on the cheek.


*pictures to be uploaded soon*


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