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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Friday, April 24, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hello everybody.
I am back blogging.


Life is friggin great.I am not exxagerating but I feel very carefree for the past few days.Heh.I just got my exam results.ah.It was a complete *tooooooooot* I shall not delibrate more.Pfft.I dont care about my exam results for now.I have to back up everything,I know.Bleh.Last two days has been very carefree as I've said earlier.LOL

  • I stalked Danny boy's blog.I am practically being so random.
  • Sue May said I'm sampat because I am still being random.
  • Sastha is our new Interact IU Director -____-
  • Neelia shall be called Bonney Nene.She has no skin.only skeleton.
  • Jason Ong is way too random *giggles*
  • Ashbir cut her hair.Vely pretty *winks*
  • Bonney Nene cut her hair.Bob style.Ngeh.
  • Reaudition was a complete boo.The cheerleaders are damn weird *rolls eyes*
  • Yun Ming's blog reappear.Like magic *poof*
  • I am still busyeh with my editorial board.
  • Atika the emcee is back.
  • The photoshoot for the magazine was oh-so-awesome :D :D :D
  • I am missing the kem agama tomorrow =/
  • I love my sayang a lot.unconditionally.LOL
  • Saya rindu sama Chua Yumin.Heh.
  • TCH TCH TCH ily :)
  • So excited about Kwang Hua's prefects' gathering :)
  • Adrian Minjoot is so RAWRRRRRRR x)
  • Aaron Minjoot sudah tau aku punya trick.runnnnnnnnnnn
  • Chatting with Amira and Izreen was a complete LOL-ed
  • My fingers hurts texting 5 people at once.giahhhhhh
  • Amanduhhhhhh is very sexay *grins*
  • I want to take picture with Menning the Vain.Yup.he's a guy.
  • Good luck to my friends who are going to be the Queen's Guide soon.yay!
  • Gladys is so cool.fuh.
  • I have my own Lady Gagah.Heh
  • Exams is bitching.Pfft.
  • I am designing my class t-shirt.nice you know *proud proud*
  • Screw you,Juliet! *glare*
  • When la,Chris??? :((((((((

My dear cousie passed away today.

He's mine.
Seduce him if you dare.
I'll bite your head off.

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