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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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You smells like my retarded sheep.
Thursday, April 30, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hell yeah people.
Atika is back!

Read la.


I cried overnight thanks to that someone.Eek.Was completely emoeh.Heh.School is oh so boring as usual.I am totally ignoring my Sivik teacher.She sucks,i tell you -.- emotionless.a complete I-am-being-bias-to-my-student supporter.Pfft.Why Sivik has to be bohring la?? SPM is approaching and I am terrified.I might as well flushed my brain in the toilet because for the time being,it is full of crap.LMAO.Online time has been reduced and now I am more focus on my studies.My plans for the future shall not fail.YEAH! *semangat* haha.My view on the subjects that I'm taking for SPM are just okay.Backing up everything I can.Must score for the upcoming mid term.wooh.As you can see,ME WANT TO SCORE FLYING COLOURS FOR SPM!!! literally (:

# Accident

Yea.I've been involved in an accident yesterday.No one got hurt,thank god.It is between my Kriss 100 and a brand new Honda City.I was kinda my fault maybe because I was rushing to go back home.Lodged a police report today.Everything settled.I was fined of RM150.crap -.- But the best part was,I got to explore the Balai Trafik was so cool.Kinda feel awkward sitting there the person who are involved in the accident.Funneh XD The officer who record down my report is very young and he's wearing braces *batting eyelashes* and the Sergeant who settled everything else for me is cute.and he's married.with two kids.

dont blame me just because I have the hots for married man.
Brad Pitt is married and nobody cares if you're a totally in love with him.
Shut up.

to that woman: Hellooooo!!!you have no right to embarassed me in front of the public okay?Just tell me what I did a more soft tone manner!Not shouting at me as if I'm deaf! Just because you drove a car,doesnt give you the right to scold me like nobody's business there.Screw you,woman.

Today,Biology was awful.Miss Teh was completely on rage.She scolded us like never before and this time it was really serious.Half of the class didnt hand in her Biology Concept Book.and she's friggin' mad.all her wrinkles could be seen straightened.Opps! LOL.

and I am officially the Sleeping Beauty in Pn.Badar's class.Heh.Excuse me for being way too active at night and had four hours of sleep everyday. *grins*

that bitch are on strike again.This time,she've hurt more than before.

Screw you,bitch.

To you you you,
just pray hard that she'll stop her raging bitching neurons from demolishing her satiny.

Huargh x)




I know I almost ruined his purrr-fect picture.

be jealous if you want too.

Today was the 2009's ICT Carnival.
BK was the host.
I wonder why they kept choosing BK as the venue.Cannot do at La Salle ah? hehe

Meet up with the Rawrrrrry Melvin Chay.

Gosh.I sounds so hiao.

Tirzah,Melvin and the alien -.-

Jason Ong is so random.
and I'm random too.

and now,We are random partner :D :D :D

Eric Lee is super ganjil =.=

Atika says: Wat are you doing?
Eric says: me?Im sleeping.
Atika says: How can you sleep?! you tengah online kan??
Eric says: Boleh la.
Atika says: Macam mana???
Eric says: Hati aku sudah tidur.
Atika says: .......

Ganjil punya species.

before I forget,

you rocks my friggin' small socks!

i want KFC KFC KFC KFC for my birthday too :)

I'm off for now.
Wanna go back stalking Eric Lee.
Ngeh ngeh x)

TCH ily
Writing an eulogy about you.

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