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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Another one coming.
Friday, May 8, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Today has been really hectic.I mean,I just found out that all the reports for the school magazine had gone missing after Janelle cleaned up our Editorial pendrive.I was like,whatttt???? All the freaking reports are gone.

Poof.bye bye *waved goodbye*

Luckily I have a really capable team to help me go through this massive mess.Thanks guys are awesome :D I would like to thanks my greatest attidue as well to my friends who are always by my side when I need them :)

Moving on,I spent the whole day today running here and there,meeting Pn.Hasiah again and again to seek for the lost information.Haihhh.very troublesome indeed.I had the last seminar today which is Mathematics paper.A very good talk given by Encik Haza'ari and Puan Badariah.Totally thanked them for all the tips.Encik Haza'ari was being such funny and darling to give the students who managed to answer the questions correctly the present from the bottom of his heart.LOL

I tried twice but failed.Gosh.My Maths sucks. -.-

Hue Ying is super cute.and she loves my book :)

After school I had meeting with Miss Tan.It's regarding our Prefectorial Board and also the Teacher's Day Committee.I'm one of the emcee and well,I need to prepare everything from now on.A lot of issue had been brought up by the Board Of Directors.I voiced out my unsatisfactions as well. *details shall not be elaborated here* I kacau-ed Nene and mess up her file.LOL

saw La Salle's BOD,ACS's BOD and MGS's BOD.Other? MIA.lala~

Saya nampak Chua punya nama.Bergaya x)

The Interactors had their 2nd Interest meeting today and of what I heard,many of the interactors has fallen head over heels over Sir Gerrard.A hottie-hot-hottie Rotarian.I bet he dont roared like my TCH always do.Heh.

Oh ya.I almost forget.


I met this cute Chinese guy at tuition.I never talk to him before.but finally,on Thursday I got the chance to chat with him.Ohmygosh! Ultimate LOLness.he is so funneh.and very down-to-earth.Wooh.gonna stalk him soon XD He is super tall and and and have a very cute voice.

Imagine a 5" 2' guy (at least i think he is) having a squeky little voice.Comel *grins*

Today went back and rushed to finish up the Editorial stuffs.Chatted with Tricia while at it.a complete random conversation.HAHA.

ans she's madly in madly in love with the Farro brothers.

** I am mastering Photoshops **


smexy babes :)

I miss my boyfriends la.
kawan lelaki tau :P

to Yong Yun Ming,

he owed a Proton Saga and we're not going outing.Pfft.Evil.


Exams is next week.
adn I dont think ill let my blog died because of it.
oh well.


p/s: Aaron,I miss you la.
pp/s: I'm getting Gold for Nilam Award.yay!
ppp/s: Shut up, know nothing.

Off for now.
xoxo ily :)

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