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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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The Day.
Saturday, May 30, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Today was High School IU Day.I must say,they had the BEST IU Day ever!
I'm serious.The performances was DA BOMB.

The theme was "The Reincarnation of Ancient Egypt"
About Egyptians lah.

I came around 8.30 with my motorbike.
and as usual,everyone will be like, 'WHAO' looking at me riding my motorbike.


tak pernah tengok orang naik motor ke?

Amanda was the first to greet me.

Amanda :Atika! I am effin' jealous that you can ride a motorbike!
Me :

After that,I chatted with Amanda,Ryanna,Reena,Joanne,Bianca and Samantha
( oh,and Ziddy too) before proceeding to the hall.

Had loads of laughter.

After the registration,we went in and took our seat.
The event started and guess what, Le King and Jason Lim are the emcees!

two blur people handling the event.
ahahahah XD

There were speeches and games.
FUN lah.

Deshvin actually did banggra dance.and it was awesome.
Smexy,I tell you.
youaresosexyandyouknowit :)

Some random HSK guys come to me during the event.

me : *talking to Le King*
Random guy A :*looking at me* so you're Atika,huh?
me : *blink eyes* *nods* yes.why?
Random Guy A : You're in love with Deshvin right,once upon a time?
me : -____________-

Random Guy B : excuse me,are you Atika ?
me : *blink eyes* *nods* errr...yes..why?
Random Guy B : Is it true that you are attached to Deshvin?
me : *rolls eyes*


Met Irene my sayang ,Sammie Yunnie,and Christopher.

I make a lot of new friends too.
Jesseca,Nicole and Samantha Soe.
and some other people.

Jesseca is like Danny's mother. Always whack him if he did anything.LOL
Two funny people.and they know Danny boy.
Talked about him too.
*raised one eyebrow*

There were modelling too.
Teh went siao dressing up in a gown.
He dah lah skinny,pakai gown lagi.

Saw A LOT of familiar faces.
Adwin,Weng Shen,Sen Chen and many others.
too many :P

I brought my t-shirt and asked everyone to sign it.
It turn ed out to be awesome.
Almost everyone signed it,including Christopher.

I participate in one of the games.It was a game whereby they require you to tied your leg with your partner and carry a ballon together.IT WAS EFFIN' PAINFUL! T___T I got bruises right after that.aiyoyo (Deshvin,you owed me a massage.HEHE) and well,I didnt win.Elaine was torturing us throughout the games.

The Silent Grief is DA BOMB,i tell you.

Ziddy is seriously freakishly awesome.

James looked friggin' HAWT playing the guitar.
I was shocked to see him soo...rockish o.O

*James,if you are reading this,please ignore :P

Camwhore with Tric's camera.
She is one awesome girl.

credits : Mrs.Cook :DDD

me with Ryanna's fedora.
Went HIGHed singing Just Dance by Lady Gaga x)

The ever awesome James Lee :DDDDD
see him playing his guitar and you'll melt for sure.
ahahahaha x)

why am i pouting !? *groans*

yours truly and Mrs.Cook.

p/s:the t-shirt is awesome,i know.HEHE.

Adwin and Atika
I looked fugly in this *rolls eyes*

another constipated picture

Last but not least,

My picture with James's guitar! omfgggghhhh =P
it was superb cool :DDDDD

it was truly an enjoyable day.
Hoping to see you guys soon.

**more pictures from Ryanna**

That's all for now.
Will update soon.
Stay tuned :)

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