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Finally.A Proper Update :)
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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A proper update.


Okay let's start.

Last Saturday was Wong Lee Hom's concert.
(yeah I only realized it the day before)

and two of my friends,Menning and Wei Jun got to see him in person.

Atika: Eh you going to Lee Hom's concert,right?
Wei Jun: Yeah.
Atika: *cries* I wanna go to la!!
Wei Jun: *laughed* you know what he sing meh? He sing only Chinese song la.go watch Siti Nurhaliza la.
Atika: *pouts*

Atika: Menning!whre are you la???
Menning: Me? getting ready to go concert.
Atika: *jaw dropped* you mean,YOU GOING TO SEE LEE HOM ar??
Menning: *nods* yeah.
Atika: I HATE YOU!
Menning: *laughed*

I totally envy them.
Menning was bragging about it the next day.

you can read everything about it here.

Moving on,
I bet most of the school are having their Bengkel Kecemerlangan SPM for the form 5.

mine was okay,I guess.

I almost died in boredom at certain time.

Yesterday was seminar for BM.
and the speaker was Pn.A from SMK Meru.

overall judgement: the content for the seminar was's just that she is totally bias.and a completely show off.Bleh.

sikit-sikit Meru,sikit-sikit Meru.
Meru this la,Meru that la.

Okay,I admit la tha we're not that good.Some of us are ready to learn.and you dont have to compare us with your oh-so-awesome punya sekolah.I dont like to be compare.I mean,who does?

Today is English seminar.
Great speakers.

and well,
I camwhored during the seminar.

lack of camwhoring can lead to brain damage.Tengkiu :D

the atmosphere during the seminar.

Zee Yeng and Atika.

Vandalised my palm as well.

wo ai ni

hua ren :)

p/s: find out the meaning yourself.

After the seminar,we went back to class.


After school,I went to the clinic to extract my last teeth.
Was hoping that Dr.Cheong will do the honour once again.
Well,it didnt come true *pouts*
but then, I managed to snap this random picture of one the dentist. X)

im bringing sexyback.yeah *grins*


this teddy bear was given by the super funny-who-happened-to-have-a-totally-gorgeous-pair-of-eyes Eric Lee Kan Siang.wooh.

and the bear says,'RAWRRRRRR!!!'


Aaron and Irene.
bagai pinang dibelah dua.


and I'M INVITED!!!


SMK Desa Perdana's International Understanding Day cum Installation.

Date: 12th of June 2009 (Friday)
Venue: YMCA Hall, KL
Time: 10am-3pm
Theme: Milano: The Ultimate Fashion Mecca
Price: RM 22

Attendees are to be dressed decently.

For further enquiries and reservations, contact:
Ho Yen Yen (president) -0176031879
Crystal Cheong (organizing chairman) -0173841318

Come, come! We'll take you into the world of fashion!

Exams is coming real soon and too be honest,I am so not prepared.
Oh well,there are still time to back up everything,right?


That's all for now.
will update soon.

This is so wrong -.-

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