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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Hello (:
Monday, June 1, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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dont ask me how I pronounce his name.

Did you know he was suppose to be the vampire dude in Twilight?

screw the director for not choosing him LOL

it's 1.31 a.m now.

Take note : this going to be a super long post.

Holidays just started and well,I am happy *lying* I'm currently stuck at home,doing nothing *another lie* The fact that SPM is getting nearer is freaking me out.Mummy and Amira has been pressuring me eversince the school holidays started.Pfft. Study time lah.I am now currently in studying mode (yeah right) I'm finishing my Add Maths project at the moment and my back hurts. *pouts*

Yesterday I chatted with Jaysan online.
see the hat?
It was a gift all the way from US.
Geesh I am so jealous :(

he even had P/S :I LOVE YOU movie.
jealous lah.

Ugh.Somebody just pissed me off with his attitude.I'm not going to tell who is he,but take note : I'm done with you,Just because you're popular,doesn't mean you can treat me like a piece of crap. *stop crapping* My life has been great with great companions from my friends.I couldn't care less about anything right now since I have my friends with me. (:

I am quite nervous about my exams results when school reopened soon.Two weeks is not a long period of time you know.But then,screw it.I want to enjoy the hols for sure.I'm going back to my hometown on Thursday.looking forward to meet up my cousie and stalk Mr.Hottie next door =P Gonna enjoy my trip to the waterfall with them.

MSN is being so MSN-ish lately.
Like Jaysan always says : gay + bitch = MSN .

Gilbert is one unique ACSian.
another rare species like YYM (:
coolness for real.

Eric Lee is so comel.
iwanttopinchyourcheek :DDDD

My sayang is currently MIA.I miss him.maybe I'll call him soon.TEE HEE :P Texted me if you read this,wukie? (: Prefect life is good too.No problem occured.So is the Editorial Board.I feel awesome.Thanks for everything girls.

Happy belated 17th birthday to Cherrie Lee Sue Jing .
Keep on rocking the world (:

Dutch boy fell during his Confirmation Camp.Now he has to walk on crutches.Pity him.Speedy recovery yeah? :D I'll always pray for you.I'm going to High School Prefect Gathering on Jun 20th.Can't wait to see Deshvin.Heh.Too bad that guy is the OC.He is just so irritating.*groans* Suit her well.I really hope you two end up together.ahahaha :P

Sorry to say but I dont think I'm doing the tag soon.
Maybe some other time k? Sorry to Zaty,Sarah and Chingy :D

This blog gonna be dead soon.

Well well.that's all for now folks.I'm off to bed.
Goood morning to the world (:


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