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Here goes nothing.
Sunday, May 17, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'm awake after a hell of time yesterday.I didnt mean it in a good way though.I am now tired and cranky.I hate being like this.I dont wish to be like this. *sigh* oh well.I am here to set thing straight.and I dont even want to talk about the past.Last few weeks had been hell for me.Exams already started and well,I sucks at most of the paper.End of story.

My Editorial job has gone haywire.Pfft.To Mei Fen,please dont pull off just because I am writing about this in my blog.I bet you'll do just great next year :) I texted my Editorial Board members at 2 am yesterday.Yeah,call me crazy but it's the fact.Wooh.

I chatted with Lam yesterday.Yeah,he's a La Sallian was a short chat because he's going off real soon at that time.He read my MSN pm and ask me wheteher Biology is that murderous.

Biology is a silent killer when you have a brain like me.

and guess what?
Biology paper 3 is tomorrow!

I celebrated Tenarasi's birthday on Friday.She's my Head of Disciplinary Bereau.Super scary.ngeh ngeh *stick out tongue* Happy birthday, are I can call you mak cik from now I finished up her cake which is Pandan flavour by the way and it is oh-so-delicious.weeee.I am a Pandan addict now.LMAO.

Yesterday was Le King's birthday.Was planning to go to Starbucks and buy him something but at the end,tak jadi.Dont ask me why.mwahahaha x) My mind has been off balance lately.Physically and mentally.I dont even know what am I doing at one point and sometimes I went HIGHed at the wrong time.

Owh crap -.-

Chatted with Aaron on Friday(finally some agogoness sense came back to yours truly) We had loads of fun chatting and being random.ROFL.He was feeling down and I tried hard (very HARD) to cheer him up.It was indeed a very weird attempt.haha (ask Aaron if you want to know more) :)

Convo with my JBT's gang on MSN.Adwin is being so sengal ubi,Kiki is really flattering and itu hubby and wifey always M.I.A *slaps forehead*

Jason has been really helpful lately.Weird as well.and a big dreamer.LOL Sometimes,our topics is totally out of the box and we will burst out laughing like nobody's bussiness reading each other's messages. *laughed hard*

Here I am to advertise again.
*excuse me*

organised by Leo Club of LSK.

Time : 6 pm-11 pm
Date : 18 th July 2009
Venue : Klang Executive Club
Dresscode : Formal Wear.
Price : RM35 per head.

I'm booking a table under me.So those who are interested of coming,do tell me,wukie?
spam me,call me,texted me.

On a short notice,yesterday was the final concert of Akademi Fantasia 7.and Ugh.the performances sucks as always.Transformasi my foot la.I couldnt care less about the winner.Bleh.

and it was also the final match for Manchester United against Arsenal.It was a tie since nobody scores any goal.but on the contrary,MANCHESTER UNITED WON THE FREAKING CHAMPIONSHIP! IN YOUR FACE,YOU ARSENAL FANS! Next time,think before you talk.Told you Man U gonna win. *sings Glory glory Man United* *laughed at Fazil*< you are such a loser!



Ok.enough post for now.
I'm done.

wanna go back (ugh!) studying for Mid Term.


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