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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Out of the Blue.
Sunday, May 24, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I am so gonna die tomorrow.

I have 5 for now.

  • I have Physics 2 and Chemistry 3 tomorrow.and the notes/books about the two subjects are dusty (never touch)
  • My cleanliness reports is incomplete.Screw it.Pfft.
  • My sayang is occupiying my head.Cant study :P
  • Editorial Board is due tomorrow.WHACIMAGA!
  • Ayuni's pendrive cant save my emcee speech for Teacher's Day.Stupid computer *bang computer on the wall* *exxageration*

Well.Back to reality.Today was my cousin's wedding.We call her Kak Teng for short.Her wedding was splendid and full of colours.My mom and my my aunts are incharge of the makan beradab ceremony (which ever they call it).From early morning,the four of them(including my sister) work hard to finish everything up by 12 o'clock.and they did. *clap clap* But then,at almost the time for the ceremony, an alien (i dont know her name) came to my house and ruined all the hard work.literally.


She asked all the food to be put in other plates which she brought all away from her hotel.We were like, 'WHAT???' You should have come earlier,woman.Pfft.My mom tried to negotiate with her but she just to stubborn to listen to us.At the end,we (with great dissatisfaction) agreed and followed whatver that alien said.


It was a blast overall.I really have much fun because I just went around greeting my relatives and also showing off my braces *grins* hehehe :) Met so many people.and one of them are Kak the reason I wrote her name because she'll be reading my blog soon :) I didnt manage to take picture with her though :( Moving on,I had great bonding time with all of my relatives.A lot of catching up as well.News and gossips XD

I chatted with Jay san continuously for..errr...i dont know...2 weeks? It's true,I'm not lying.LOL it is so fun when you know there's message waiting everytime you wake up.or the other way round :) He kept me updated about my sayang and also about his schoolmates,studies,tuition and love life.TEE HEE :P you rocks,Jay san! Really :)

p/s: I'm not in love with him.Shut up.

I just realized that SPM is 5 MONTHS from now.

*turn into hulk*

Moving on,I have a new friend.Her name is Shireen,Aaron's far far far family.
She's very random,like her far far far cousin (Aaron lah) haha.

Many of my friends decided not to go to the Leo Youth Day.

even him.
you know who are you :)

why?why??why??? *pouts*

I'm losing my sanity.AGAIN.
and I'm going to upload my old pictures for public view.

you can see the nerdy Atika,weird Atika,cute Atika *ehem*
Varieties of them.Stay tuned :)

Do anyone know where to get the EXAMinator?
Yeah,the machine to make exam vanished into thin air.


The NS post there other day was a false alarm.

I better get going now.
I want to go back romancing my book.
quote by Lala :P

p/s: I'll do all the tagging during school holidays :)

you sucks.big time.