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Friday, May 22, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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what???another week of exam?????

Two weeks of hell has finally coming to an end.
well,sort of.
I got another more week of exams.

Three more killer papers.
Chemistry paper 1,Biology paper1 and Physics paper 2.


Bye bye.

I'm trying to figure out what is happening around me.
Prefects are pissing me off lately.
by their ignorance of handing in their cleanliness report.

Girls,please lah.
I got other things to do,and you expect me to do all this thing??

Tuition classes was fun.

Chemistry :Chapter 3.

Mr Mani was finally discharge from the hospital.
dia comel :P

Mr. Mani : DO you all know what cyanide is?
Part of class : Nooooo.

Mr. Mani : Cyanide very drop,you,bye bye.
Mr. Mani : you cant find it in the lab.WAY TOO DANGEROUS.for the teachers la.

A : Kenapa,cikgu?

Mr Mani : ewah.nanti you racun cikgu pulak sebab tak dapat markah tinggi.

Class : *laughed harder*

Mr Mani : Ye lah.if you kena,1 minit sudah K.O. *continues* sudah awal-awal tempah tiket pergi naik atas *grins*


at Maths,
I learned about Probability Form 5.

Funny story to be told.

Ms Elsie : Ni apa? *showing her hand*

Everyone: Fiveeeeeeee (we thought she was referring to her fingers)

Ms. Elsie : Tangan la.

Everyone : *laughed*

Ms. Elsie : Buat apa dengan tangan? ambik satu keluar dan jangan letak balik kalau without replacement yeee....

Me: *nods* *scribble down the technique*

I irritate the hell out of Ikmal.
I took my cloth peg and tried to clip it on his ears.

at the end,kena jentik =/
(padan muka aku)

The rest of the class was a complete LOL.

Physics class as well.
Good and funny Mr.Yeoh keep us awake throughout the class.
credits: Minapoh :)

Mr Yeoh: So Coulumb is a very very very famous professor from France.
Class: Whoooaaa/ Ooohhhh/ Aahhh and etc.
Mr Yeoh: Then Faraday is a nobody. Hehe, not Friday ahh.

Class: Hahahahahahahahaha.
Mr Yeoh: Faraday is only a lab assistant in a university in England. He actually very smart wan, but his parents no money, so cannot further his studies.
Random student A: Aiyoohhh, so kelian.

Mr Yeoh: And then they challenge each other to find out about this ( the interaction of two magnetic fields ) phenomena. You all guess who win?

Class: Friiiiddaayyyy!

Mr Yeoh: *giggles* Yalah, Faraday found out. Faraday is nobody you know and he beat Coulumb. Then Faraday become beri famous liao.
Continues with the kelianness of Faraday and how siasuey is Coulumb ...

Mr Yeoh: But then you all know who find out the direction of this force?
Class: Don't know.
Mr Yeoh: Haha. Faraday got one friend. He got two hands wan.

Class: Hahahahahahahaha.

Random student B: Saturdaaayyyy! *screams*


Mr Yeoh: *giggles* No lah. He is Fleming.

Class: Ooooohhhhhhh.

Mr Yeoh: So now France versus England, zero : one. Sorry ah France fans.

Part of class: Hahahaahahhahahaha.
The other half: Booooooooooo.

Mr Yeoh: Then they got another competition, want to know who win?

Class: Waaaannn!
Mr Yeoh: Come next week!

Super farney this week (:

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