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Teacher?Cikgu?Lau se?
Friday, May 29, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Holidays is finally here!
*dance around like a munkeyyyy*


Let's not talk about exams for instance.
I just want to enjoy the holidays.

Today we had our Teacher's Day.
My last teacher's day in high school.

I was the emcee and thank god the crowd was well entertained.

It was a whole loads of fun as we had games and so much more.
En Haza'ari was so bergaya as he won the Best Dressed Award.

I had so much fun emcee-ing with Bavani.
She's the Deputy Head Prefect 2.

Picture taken during Sports Day. I love it :)

The event started well as we were waiting (ugh!) for the VIP to arrive.
Freaking slow people.

Then,we had our speeches which is effin' long.
5 pages for each the perutusan O.o


After that it was the time for the pledge and song singing.
Encik Haza'ari led the pledge.looking as awesome as always.

After break we had our games.
it was Musical Chair.
a complete LOL-ed.
Cik Cheng,Pn Hudaya and Pn Siti Hajar were the winners.

Cik Cheng was so sporting.
amazingly different when she's teaching.

I love Ustaz's camera.
It's a DSLR.
super chun wehy :)

Went camwhoring with the teachers and Paen with it.

I would like to extend my greatest attitude to my beloved Prefectorial Board Teacher Advisor for always being there for all of us prefects.

Miss Tan Seaw Chin.


xoxo ily

**Pictures of the event will be upload soon after I got all of it from Ustaz's cam**

I'm glad we've finally realized it.
You are a great friend :)

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