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and the story goes like this.
Saturday, June 6, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Just killing some time here.
Tuition was fun actually.
with exceptions of the monkeys of course.

You see,my school is having their annual aerobic-thon this year.and each students HAVE TO collect at least rm50 to contribute to the Janelle once said,it is a day light robbery.LOL Some of my friends just decided to take out their own RM50 and it ends there.Hmm.there will be prizes of course for those who manage to collect the highest amount of cash.So now,I have to collect at least RM50 for my aerobic-thon card.

The innocent robbery card.

let's menderma!

Until now,I only managed to collect a total of RM7.sad,right ? I know.Luckily,thanks to my persuasive skill *cough* I managed to persuade Suthan to donate during Chemistry class.TEE HEE =P and He donate RM5! (it's a big amount okay? since im to lazy to take out my own money) So now,I got RM12 ! weeeee ! *jump around like a monkey * The trip balik kampung will be very beneficial since I'm so going to rob my relatives money for this card (: .I sat beside Ikmal during the class.He wore baju Melayu today.smexy lah of course *grins*.texted Jaysan during the class.

Me: Guess what? Ikmal is wearing baju melayu today.
Jaysan : wow.really?
Me : yeah.very leng zhai leh* grins*
Jaysan : hahaha.okay.

Ikmal ask me to tell Jaysan that he is planning to wear boxer and singlet to tuition tomorrow.

Me : Ikmal said he want to wear boxer and singlet tomorrow?What do you think?
Jaysan : He's trying to be sexy lah tu.
Me: ROFL (:

Okay.for the past one week,I've been rotting at home doing nothing.I am too lazy to touch the books.Only managed to revise some of the Biology stuff.This attitude is making me really worry.I want to change,but I dont know how.Help me! *slapped myself*

My last year of being a prefect sucks.SERIOUSLY.There will be no activities for the prefects at all.sigh Reading Ryan's blog and Sebastian's blog makes me feel so sad.I mean,it's my last year of being a prefect,and no camp? no leadership course? AT ALL ?? WTHeck lah.I miss camping with my prefect friends lah.Last year wei! *tears* omgosh.I can just whine and moan but I doubt I can change anything.Pfft.The only thing cool for the prefects is the prefect gathering.and I'M GOING to all! Can't wait for HSK and LSK prefect's gathering! Kenny and Hari,you guys gonna do great (:

I'm under house arrest now.Can't go anywhere.Same boring old routine.Bleh.For the past few days,I've been staying up all night going online.My mom already warned me about the bills(I'm so D-E-A-D! ) Wanna ask my sayang to go out,memang tak boleh lah.He's busy.After SPM lol.

Can't wait for the school to reopen.

p/s: Let's stalk Ryan *cough cough*
pp/s: I want to go out.Somebody please kidnap me.


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