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A glimspe of hell. hell ya.
Friday, June 5, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I went to Maths tuition today.It was kinda fun as I met Ikmal in class.Learned about Graph today.and the class went smoothly as always.and I managed to persuade Menning to donate for my school aerobitchon *clap clap* Thanks,Menning! you rocks deh! Hehe.He was with his hmm,ishh ishh all the way when I asked him.LOL Ikmal was being so sarcastic when I asked him about the donation.Eleh,tipu aku ni.poyo betul.*stick out tongue* Hoh Kiat came as well.Frankly speaking,I'm kinda happy because I got to harass him.yeah yeah I *cough* miss you (: I got to whack Jeff as well.and it feels good.REALLY GOOD.*evil laugh*

I talked to Haridas about the HSK Gathering.He's the OC fyi.Well,he's a nice guy actually.I misjudge that dude.Sorry,Hari :( He'll settle the list of guest for me.and guess what? It will be a table setting and BK will be sitting with LSK!!!! ohmygod *screams* *slapped myself* LOL sorry,got hype-ed up XD The class was hilarious as Ikmal,Yap and I kept on kacau-ing Menning who was sitting in front of us.I was sitting next to Emiliya *cough* and Yuet Ping (:

I lost my RM140 prefect blazer! WTF! Like hello,blazer pun nak curi ke?
Bangkai betul.Pfft.

oh ya.Today is Micky Yoochun's birthday.he's one of the DBSK members.

A glimspe of hotness bring you to heaven (:

Jeff came out with a BRILLIANT equation today.

retard + pyscho = tanjung rambutan.
Atika = pyscho ; Jeff = retard

you first lah,Jeff.
I dont mind waiting in line.

He is so lan yeng leh.
"you dont have to look at my full picture.nanti itu love jadi lagi deep.kan susah? "
my foot lah -__________-
nye nye boo boo x)

Take note : my Biology book is no longer a virgin.

Holidays doesnt bring any benefits at all.Everydays is filled with tuition and extra classes.
and how the hell the Goverment defined the terms 'Holidays' itself?
babi-fied goverment.Bleh.
and now,the the holidays already some to an end.
Shytt *growls*

By the way,
Did I tell you that Jaysan is so adorable?

youaresoadorablethatiwanttokissyourightaway :D

*kissy kissy*

and welcome,Vivien!
my annoying babe.
ahaha :P
*squint eyes and stick out tongue*

p/s: I know I got so many nicknames for my friends.apa lu kisah? Sibuk je.Ish.

Okay.someone found out my deepest darkest secret yet.I was seriously blushing when she told me OHMYGOD ,i got no face already.dang whoever that fella who blurt out my secret.TEE HEE :P damn embarassing I tell you.ok ok I shall end it here.NO FACE NO FACE *hid under my bed* lol

Samantha : you tak siuman lah.i very waras tau.
Me :yeah.right *laugh*
Samantha : betul lah.
Me : *rolls eyes*

ily (:

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