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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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I've been awarded (:
Monday, June 1, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Tagged by Zaty and Sarah (:

1) Copy the award above to place it in your blog.

2) State 5 interesting facts about the giver of the award

  • She is really good in creative writings.
  • I love her photography skills.
  • Amazingly talented
  • Hail all the way from Sabah (: Paradise of Food
  • She designed website and she's only 15!

  • She's a freak….(love to make odd face…she think it’s cute. but I think she looked
  • great new friend
  • loves wedges but have no chance to wear it.
  • seorang yang pemalas
  • can’t pay full attention when listening to people :(
  • really good in calculations

3) Every blogger have to state 10 facts about themselves or their hobbies.

  • I laughed A LOT.sometimes it irritate my sister.Heh.
  • I am short. 145 cm. -_______________-
  • I wrote teenage novels.6 novels and counting (:
  • I love to spend my time stalking peoples.
  • I am very friendly.TRUE (:
  • Sometimes,I wished I am somebody famous.a rockstar maybe.
  • I hate calculations.might as well barf while looking at it.
  • Texting my friends are the most pleasuring thing to do.
  • I kept everything in my time capsule and I often misplaced it.Damn it.
  • I hugged people everyday.and it's fun.

4) You have to give the award to 10 people and describe about them.
  • Aaron- Dutch boy yang sangat random :P
  • Jas Min - i love the way you interprate things by writing about it (:
  • Amira Masri - the best Interactor in town?
  • Amal - this girl have the best hairstyle.and she sprints.
  • Munira- Gosh! i love your sense of humor!
  • Xi Ying - the juniors who write the best
  • Shu Wen- she's daring.enough said.
  • Tirzah- a mature blog.
  • Danny- he reminds me of Harry Potter.
  • Sammy - preferred people calling her Sammy1.ahaha XD