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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Open Day.and a lil' bit something.
Saturday, June 27, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Open day just ended and gosh,how sad I was to get my results for my Mid Term.IT SUCKS! It didnt really feel at first,but yeah,now I've realized that I've got to work harder.I have to stop fooling around and start focusing.I can't play anymore.It's SPM we're talking about *roll eyes* I can't wait for SPM to end.more freedom as said by Pn.Chong (:

Open day was exhausted.SERIOUSLY.Prefects aren't enough.So,I've decided to wait at the gate as the usher for the parent.ngeeeee ): It was okay at first,but then it get hot.REALLY HOT.I'm burning under the hot sun.That is one thing.Another thing was the triplets (Pn.Shuhara,Pn.Nadzarah and Ustaz ) start torturing us.Bleh.Kidding.Haha.Neelia kept on texting you-know-who and she seemed pretty happy :D not gonna spilled the secret.*cough cough* HAHA.

It was hilarious standing for 3 straight hours,bowing to the parents who came.I see all sorts of face expressions from the parents and the childrens as well.going to get a nice nagging at home -.- Hee.My mum came late,so I end up crapping around with my sister at the gate.LOL A lot of thing had happened this week.So,let me sum up everything.

  • I skipped my Chemistry tuition.AGAIN.
  • I missed Mr.Mani.Hee :D
  • MJ is such a legend.R.I.P =/
  • Tau fu fa is awesome.taste better than everything.Heh.
  • I want to learn how to play guitar.Jeff,please teach me :P
  • Bryan is my lala boy :D so adowable.
  • Jason Yap is the wittle boy (:
  • Danny boy,be my husband,will you? LOL
  • I should have put that paper i found on the floor into Shasta's water bottle.mwahahahaha x)
  • Youth Day! HERE I COME!
  • Doing comic strips for the school magazine atm.Woots!
  • Jason Ong Hsien Chun,isayangyoualot (:
  • Why do you hate me,Kevin ? isk isk *cries*
  • Weng Shen is freaking adorable.and random.Heh.I love your dimple,dude.
  • Alex is the singa.gayness much. :P
  • Installation is today.and I cant go ):
  • I miss my old gang.still.ugh!
  • I got the HOTS for Chinese you have any problem with that? =/
  • My famileh is growing bigger.anyone want to be my daughter? Chua? :O
  • Someone just doesn't like the attention that people give him.
  • Tipical guy.Dumped his friend when he started texting the pretty girl.Pfft.
  • I'm joining aerobicthon.Sorry sorry naegu naegu micho *singing Sorry sorry* HAHA I runied the song,I know.
  • I LOVE THE SHOW BY LENKA! Thanks,Linnie.
  • I love you too (:
  • Missing Chong Adwin.Blehhh ):
  • I'm starting the love Biology.shocked? Me too.
  • Happy birthday to my sexay beast(s) .Rain,Nickhun and Ryewook.




  • Ustazah is so sarcastic.and sadis.nye nye nye boo boo x)
  • Did you hear there's H1N1 case in Klang Parade?! OMG!
  • Can't wait for the next prefects' gathering.Wee ~
  • I love my new header.TAKEN FROM TRIC'S BLOG. (:
  • Sebastian is the Crabbie,my third son.Heh.He's awesome kay? shut up -.-
  • Kenny Kenny,you are so funny *random*

I'm done crapping.
for now.
will update soon (:


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