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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Things happen for a reason.
Wednesday, June 3, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'm back again and this will be my third post of the hour.LOL.Im currently blogging,chatting with Jaysan and well,finishing up my Editorial stuff.Holidays has started as you all know.For me,it seems pointless because it doesn't feels like holidays at all.Everyday are filled with tuitions and extra classes.Screw it lah.Holidays is for us to enjoy,not to nerd at home,raping the books.Heh.

Anyhow,today was Physics extra class at school.I learned about Chapter 5 Form 5 .Something about Radioactive.It was really fun.seriously.extra class is never fun before.Hmm.the most interesting part was I learned about Half Life of the substances.Talking about Half Life keep reminding me of the computer games that my guy friends are addicted too.Haha.Half life this,Half Life that.LOL.

I made a promise to myself that i'll start nerding from tomorrow *barf* Trip going balik kampung has been cancelled.Might be going next week.Sigh.I'm kinda happy *rainbow* at the moment.My sayangtexted me yesterday.I didnt expect him to text me that fast,but I'm glad he did (: I can't not to miss you de.Heh.

did my tag and he tagged me back and describe me as polygamy.yennadei! I'm not a polygamy or whatsoever ok? *stick out tongue*
Jeff is being seriously annoying lately *whack Jeff and ran away* lol He framed me and and and I terkena lah.adui. *slapped forehead* Jeff,I am so gonna belasah you on watch out :P James is in deep trouble.Hope he can solve it soon.I'm always here if you need me (: Dutch boy is still not recovering and I hope he will, soon enough *kiss Dutch boy's wound* Lol Gilbert is so adorable and he's only 15 :DDDDD Weng Shen is fragile and I'm lovin' it (omg.sounds really wrong!) and Jaysan has develop a new sense of *ehem* being cute.Heh.

Ngawwwww (:
*bites Jaysan*

p/s : I'm not horny.shut up.

I wonder where Hazim,my sidekick went?
Nudge me when you're on.

Yours truly has two new found girlfwens, Sammy and Jessy.
ily ,babes

That's all for now.

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