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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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The way it has always been.
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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uh huh,lets go,lil daddy J is here
don't knw who is that yo'

Verse 1
he just an average guy with big dreams to clown you all
maybe he is just the typical guy that you never ever see before
back off my haters,if you hate me just fuck off from me
you don't need to pretend to be nice with me,i know what you all doing behind my back
,critic me with those bad comment on youtube

you thought is nice to critic people when you don't even think of that,when people do the same thing on you,you will feel how frigging offended when you get it
next time think before you talk
if you hate me,its fine,i am not gonna talk to much about it

Verse 2
I am just me being myself in the game
just see around yourself,how many people are dare to put themselves in youtube,
its not even a bad website to show what you got.

are you afraid huh(repeat 2x)

Verse 3
I always being question by people,
are you the one who is in youtube with all kind of bad comment of it
,i am sick and tired of it,
i don't mind if i can't go the top,
everything you need its the guts to survive on it.
I am just me who adjust myself to the situation I face off.

Maybe you all hate my dance,so what,
dance is just an art of movement,
don't you ever dare to critic a dancer,
every dancer has different style,
just accept it and take it.
Stop critic haters,maybe you gonna get the same thing again.

I got love for everyone I like,
maybe you probably should know yourself before you talk about other people.

Repeat Chorus

I had my pride for myself to the game.

Lil Daddy J

Copyrighted by JOHC

*I'm still trying to get the beat for the rap lines (: *


I'm in front of the computer at 2 in the morning.
Reading about Pengguna online.
WTH ==

Lately I've been thinking about getting myself a boyf
( yeah laughed as hard as you want,Shasta.Pfft)

take note : I'm NOT desprate.

and talking to Mr.Puntianak today was completely hilarious.

Okay,I shall not elaborate on that.
Ask him if you want to know more.LOL

Though I must think the consequences of having one.
Heh.(I sounds like a philoshoper xD)
Ahh.Just forget about it.Like Azura said,let the guy do the proposing?

Few of my friends were shortlisted for the AFS Programme.
to those who have no idea what AFS is, please check it out online.Tengkiu (:

it is a programme whereby you get to stay with your foster family from other country in 3 months time.
Program Pertukaran Pelajar Antarabangsa.
Cool aite?

imagine if you got to get to stay with an American family who happened to have an 18 year old son?
best :D

I am so happy for them (: jealous.
So,congrats to Shu Ee,Cherrie,Mae Vin,Ashley and M'ch.
Stupid bloody printer ain't wroking.
and I am rushing now to print out my Add Maths project.

Tengkiu very muchhh to my twin,Chris for the help.
iheartyoutobits (:

Shasta is being as LAME as always.
Sorry Jason and Menning,
couldn't reply your smses.
I'm outta credit =X

HSK Prefects' Gathering is this Saturday.
can't wait.can't wait.
BK is sitting with LSK.
*finger crossed*
Gonna see my husband yang ke-5,Deshvin.
I am addicted to Wooyoung of 2PM.
if he were to be a shirt,
i would have robbed him in daylight.
Ngeeee xD

credits : Zee Yeng (:
Random note :

you said you are very famous?
dream on.
and stay away from us if you dont want to get hurt.
I mean it.seriously.

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