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Again and again,and again,and again
Wednesday, July 8, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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LSK Prefects' Gathering 2008
I see Danny boy there :D

Another day finally ended.I screwed up all my pure Science subjects papers.screw it =.= The day ended well.Meet up with Amanda,Reena and Shu Wen at the canteen during recess.We were chit chatting and suddenly I saw a really familiar figure.O.M.G! it was a guy that I barely even knew but what makes us shrieked with laughter is he looked EXACTLY like Jason Ong (: Shu Wen started kutuk-ing Jason in front of me and Manda.Heh.It was just some jokes btw.

The paper finished at 1 pm but Miss Tan wont let us go back before 2.So yeah,there I was,talking with Neelia and Amy (: Talked about CCH,TCH and ACKY :P and all sorts of other stuffs.Heee :D End up crapping about me being attached to that someone. ): Neelia got EXTREMELY excited seeinng Mr.Doodle,our school's pet chicken lurking around the canteen.She's gone all Neelia-ish whenever Mr.Doodle jump off from one chair to another.Heh.Nye nye nye boo boo x)

After school.I went to tuition as usual.I Sat next to Ikmal.Meet up with Menning during the class.Gone HIGHed.yeah yeah,let's go clubbing ,dude :D :D :D I fall asleep(again) during the tuition.crap -.- Ikmal was like, 'Atika! wake up! don't sleep!' all the time.zzzz I'm sleepy lah.The tuition ended at 4.45 and I went to go and top up my credits.after that I went to buy a new purse.My sis went to see her boyf when I went to grab sumting from the nearby nasi lemak stall.

I went back home and saw 16 messages in my hp.OMG.The first time.LOL Most of them are from pretty boy (: and also Menning.Ngawwwww (: I'm sure going to reply your msges.No worries.Tomorrow papers are Sejarah and Agama.I'll just do everything I do best,because I dont really feel like studying.Heh.

On a short note,I'm joining Rotaract Club next year *claps* ze evil twin,Mr.Christopher Leeraj is joining too.Heee :D So is Dutch boy xD Aaron Timothy Minjoot,imissyou D: Youth Day is next week and I am effin' excited.Going as Nigel Braker,without the DSLR T.T Going to meet up with Danny boy and my La Sallian friends.Not to be forgotten,Pei Ghee,Lewis and Adam.the awesome peoples :D :D :D :D

Chatted with Lee Hsiang on MSN.He proudly proclaimed himself retarded.mwahahaha Lee Hsiang the retardo :P Weng Shen is recovering.well done,Shen (: Yun Ming is currently in Miri.Damn jealous -.- Kenny is still never free.same goes to Sebastian and Chua.Blehhh.Bryan Koh is still adowable :D.

Well,I shall end my post here.
Got Sejarah to study.
and Agama too.