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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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I wanted to stop being a stalker but it stuck in me, anyway
Friday, July 3, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The week just ended.Nothing much happened.Homeworks are a always.I'm being retarded at the end of the day.Maybe because I had enough sleep yesterday.These few weeks has been hard for me.Everything is not right.Everything is a mess.I hate myself sometimes.Ugh.

Answering someone’s comment saying that maybe I’m overworked – wrong. I’m about to reveal myself that I’m not that busy. Besides, my hundreds of posts proved that I’m not a workaholic. I’m not married to work.YET. *grins*

Busy in my perception means engaged with works, occupied with assignments till you have to stay up and not in hiatus nor idle. Doesn’t have time to eat and sleep. In contrary, I myself have spare time to take an evening walk, blog and only registered one tuition class. So, am I overworked? Nope.

Thank god I managed to let it through somehow.With the help from the people around me.Without them,Ill be lost.for real
Chatting with my peers online gives me excitement.LOL.and texting my pretty boy every single day is so fun (: Yeah,he's pretty for me.

I had my aerobikthon practice after school,but I just stay for one hour in the hall and went to annoy Huey Ying.Hee :D
Fyi,Lee Huey Ying is sooooooooo cute :D no one is ever cuter than her.She is just plain funny.LOL her attitude,I mean.My wittle skeletonia Huey Ying :P We chatted about the Atika-Huey Ying stuff where only the both of us what it is.It's about him,them and he xD

Went to Amanda's house after school.Tired but for the sake of the entertaimnet soon to be,I volunteered myself.Do take note that I'm not complaining.Amanda is my darling and she will always be.The best girl friend you can ever have (: I got lost on the way there.and that mother eff dog tried to bite me *roll eyes* Had a great time hanging out with her.Heh.

Someone just got pissed about what I wrote in my blog.
My apology.
Didnt mean to piss you off.

and it seems to be a lot of people and earthlings visiting my blog this week?
So random.

So yeah,I'm having my third standardised test next week.a major headache.I havent even take a break after the Open Day.and now,exam? WTF
much ): Add Maths seems to be mocking me everytime I answered them.God knows how much I wanted to strangle the person who created AddMaths.Hah.Won't happen,I know.crap -.-

My circles of friends is getting bigger.and I'm truly blessed because of that.The La Sallians,especially,has been really nice to me( with exceptions of few) My tution mates.Heee :D funny peoples.LOL.Prefects' Gathering is coming soon.Kenny just informed me the date.wooh! I feel soooooooooo alive baybeh! ;) Lee Hsiang is so going to be tepek-ed soon.mwahahahaha xD I missed muh wifey,Sammie.Can't wait to see her soon :D (and we're married,D! )




Someone asked me why I am acting like a mental patient today.
Notice, I can only be super weird with close friends and never infront of others - definitely not for the juniors. Forbidden behavior.
Oh wait.
I'm just crapping.

I think I shall stop here.
Wanna stalk my peeps!
Adios :D

For you,I’m truly happy for you though it’s a burden to let you go from my sight and let this be my so-called love note. I don’t rhymes, sorry but take care dear friend. You’ll sail a new life which you have no idea of the ventures. I felt the brink of farewell is coming closer to an end. Be good. (:

Thanks a lot for everyting.
It means a world to me.

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