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Saturday, July 25, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I just came back from MGS Prefects' Gathering.overall,TWO THUMBS UP given to the committee especially Sabrina and guys did a great job (: Had loads of fun sitting next to Kenny and the other La Sallians.Heh.The performance was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D Tharshini is smokin' hot although she's a girl.i feel like marrying her if she were to be in a guy.LMAO.She is really good I tell you.Registration start off a bit late probably because of waiting for the arrival of the VVIPs.I went to mingle around with my sis.Saw Deshvin and his HSKians friends.and Yun Ming too with Daniel (: Give them a big warm hug before registering at the table there.LOL.I met Rayel,my old primary friend.she looked so different.GREAT MEETING YOU,RAYEL! :D xoxo

The event kicked off with a performance from the Malay prefects who danced the traditional Malay dance (: after that,the emcee appeared from kidding.they are Beverly and there's another prefect.err omg..i forgot her name already ): sorry.Both are them are really pretty you know.Haridas went HIGHed just by seeing them.wth == Moving on,the ice breaking games was really funny.The guys cost 20 sen and the girls cost 50 sen.and then we have to form a group which cost RM 6.90.and this is when the real funny thing start.My group which consist of Kenny,Yogesan,all the BKians and some of the MGSians are still not enough of value.So,we have to went around and ask whether the girls are available or not.and Yogesan just have to make the joke and epic moment of the day.HAHA.

Me : *asking the girls* are you girls avaible?
Girls: *look at each other*
Random girl 1 : err..yeah?

suddenly,Yogesan shouted,

Yogesan : eh..are you girls available or not? *looking at those girls*
Girls : ....

ROTFL.He make it sounds like he's flirting with them *laughed hard* I met Geok San after a while.Haha.she is damn funny and pretttttttttttttttttttttttty :D :D :D :D and Yugain thought I'm Danny's chic??! *roll eyes* I'M NOT lah,macha! get your facts right! ask Geok San lol *show tongue at Geok San* Heh.Did I tell you that Geok San is really good at dancing too?? I think she's a ballerina? (: *winks* chunted lahhhhhh :D :D :D super flexible body (: (:

I was involved in the last games thanks to Geok San and Sam.We play this magic box game and we have to draw log. we have to do whatever that the paper that we took asked us to do.and you know what is my task? Sing the Boom Boom Pow song. -_________________________________________- shall not elaborate on that *run away*

Met Zhe Mein too.never thought she's from MGS.haha.Sorry,Zhe Mein :P Had a blast teasing Yogesan the whole day.ask him what I did to him if you want to know :P Su Ching is so cuuuuute in person.Their sketch was the funniest (: had a great laugh with the HSKians next to us.hehe.Great job to the MGSians who pull out the sketch successfully *clap clap* The sketch is about weirdos in Malaysia who wants job but dont really know how to apply it :P Their very own Simon,Randy and Paula were the interviewers *grins* Su Ching is uber cute when she acted as a Japanese girl :D :D :D :D :D :D she wore a kimono too! :D

Simon : What is your name?
Su Ching : My name is Toshiba *smileeeeeeeee*
Simon : Isn't that a washing machine brand??!?!

(probably it doesn't seems funny here but yeah,it was super funny there)

The event ended around 2 pm with a kick ass performance from Sam and her mates.omgosh x) they actually dance Sorry Sorry *screams* *dies* lol.and I went back home after I bid farewell to everyone (: Now I'm looking forward for La Salle's Prefects' Gathering *cheer for Kenny* :D :D :D :D :D and Yogesan just made my day.lalala~


click to enlarge (:

Kenny Bunnnnnny (:

BKians :D



Yun Ming.Atika.

Kenny's watch x)

Yogesan is staring and Kenny is blinking :P


Su Ching.Atika.

Zhe Mein.Atika.

we looked like we've been hit by a lorry.
(extremely tired face D: )

Kenny.Geok San.Atika.
I dont know why,but why everyone bent down when they take photo with me?? ==

Group photo (:

Oh ya.
Ravin was there too (:

(cue : girls screaming)



Kenny.Geok San.Atika.Amira.

the rest will be on Facebook (:

:D :D :D

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