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Listen to what the heart says ;
Tuesday, July 7, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The day started well enough for me not to be angry at other people.Exams was okay although I dont really feel to talk about it here.I'm loving my life at the moment.No more misery (: Thank you to those who help me got through the hard times.I'm starting to miss my old life badly.My friends especially my prefects' gang.Can't wait for the gatherings :D :D :D :D

I already have so many plannings after SPM.Can't wait for it to ends :D *dance like a monkey* Been missing few of the closest friends lately.Words couldn't decipher what we have. Too much to even say it out. My high school life is officially branded with you all over.and I couldn't put in words, you could've read my thoughts by now (:

Sanjeeva Rao;
My first ever boy friend (: kawan lelaki.Gosh,i miss you ): Can't wait to see you soon.We got a lot of catching up to do you know.and outing (:

Danny Lim;
The boy who never fails to put a smile on my face whenever i see you (: You has been MIA for quite sometimes.I really hope you didnt forget this little girl ):

Jason Ong ;
My pretty boy :D We texted everyday and you know me well enough.My happy pills.You know I sayang you kan? :D Sorry I was just too busy nowdays.will make up for it (:

The girls, classmates, prefects (:
I see you people everyday in class/school, do hug me tomorrow,kay? (:

Friends I can't even start to list out.
So many of you.
All of your presences,
you're always around me although I don't see most of you nowadays. Aaron,Amy,Chris,Toh,Menning,Neelia,Ashbir,Syaika,Ayuni.

Just thought that if i'm not gonna be given slack when it comes to studies then at least i've my classmates . Now that most of them are gone , now what ? Don't get me wrong , i like the idea of having people like Amy in my class . I just miss my classmates more , dude - i spent 16 months with them lah . It's just a phase i guess i'm going through . I'm feeling sick , gastric ): gah .

I am just feeling appreciative, because I haven't been for a while now.
So yeah (:

credits to Zhi and Ash for the inspirations (:

I'm not blogging anymore for the next few days.
Adios! (:

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