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NERD is SEXY,darling ♥
Thursday, July 16, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'm a nerd.
Call me one :D

My blog has been on hiatus for four days already.Kinda miss blogging,it's just that I need to hold myself from it.Why? SPM of course ): gah..ignore that.LOL school has been normal I guess.A lot of things happened,but I forgot most of it.Hee :D Hmm..let's start with my exam results..overall it was okay..I failed 3 subjects though...need to buck up everything *nods* I'm loving my life at the moment..that someone has been really nice to me..I'm not gonna reveal who..he himself should know about it (: (: Got back my Biology paper today.shall not talk about it D: the ever awesome *cough* Biology teacher are pulling down our self esteem by barking at us for our homewoks. ): Don't get me wrong..She just like to nag..gahhhhh *roll eyes* WTV.

My everyday life has been filled with laughter.again,I spent my time at home,mostly nerding,with Zhi.Heh :D She is very funnnnnn.although we dont talk much,but she is still a great companion (: I wished I know her sooner :D She is spoileeeed :P her Bii too :D :D agagagaga I never get tired teasing her bout him .Lol Pretty boy is quite busy these few days D: Didnt get to text him ): I shall not elaborate more on that.On a short note,I am soooooo excited for the Leo Youth Day this Saturday :D :D :D :D :D :D Hopefully I'm going to have fun there.Danny is sitting at the VIP table with the old Leo off x)oh oh and and seeing Aaron,Christopher,Pei Ghee,Adam and Lewis and other La Sallians.woots! :D

Oh ya,today at tuition,I sat next to Tirzah and Sook Pui,my bestie for Maths class.Heeee :D I got a story to tell you,and that is about Karot and Kubis.Wait for my next post ya? *grins* This story is very interesting one.about him and her D: and screw you,you horny guy.shut up =='

I am the official fangirl of Jang Wooyoung,
this jaw dropping hottie here.
Gah,I feel like raping him.
for real.

I am becoming a pedophile because of him.

Everyone,do vote for Hydroneptune and also Greenity.Hydroneptune's aim is about conserving water while Greenity is about recylcing papers and to raise awareness about the usage of trees and the whole entire cycle of getting papers from trees and so on.Do check out their blog.It's only a click away.Major public awareness.Clicky clicky (: I am currently craving for these.oh my gosh,hot stuff i tell you.get me one and ill you something that is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally special ;)

MGS Prefects' Gathering is next week.I am excited as well :D :D Can't wait to meet Sammy and go gaga over DongBang and and and did you hear the news?????? 2PM IS COMING DOWN TO MALAYSIA!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!! *dies out of excitement* I am so going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JANG WOOYOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! *slaps myself* sorry,terexcited :P and apparentally LSK Prefects' Gathering is in the afternoon? D: weather...but nvm,it is still in my must-go-list (: chu people know why :D

I want to watch Harry Potter. D:

I shall stop here.
Going to finish up my Agama and Sejarah notes.

toodles,earthlings :D

Am I a loser if I wait for you? ):

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