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Rock & Roll sets the night on fire
Sunday, July 19, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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pictures will be uploaded soon.
patient people (:

Yesterday was Youth was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Had so much fun during the event.Meet up with my friends,camwhored and harassing Chun was kinda lost at first,but everything went fine right after that (: I reached KEC around 5.40 pm.was lost (yeah,i got no friends when I reached there) saw,I mingled with her while waiting for Amanda and the rest to come.I've decided to call Pei Ghee since I couldnt reach Amanda's phone line.She said she was on her way to KEC.So yeah,I waited patiently for her :D

A few minutes later,she arrived.I was like ' oh my god! she is so TALL! ' Heh.She is so friendly (: after a while,Andy *coughPeiGheecough* arrived.As the time passed by,more and more people came to KEC.A lot of hotties and babes.oh ya,they said I looked very rocktar-ish LMAO *grins* Pamela,Sam and Reena came after that.Met Adam and Lewis for the first time.Adam brought along his girlfriend,Justine.She is very pretty (: and Lewis came with Logan.Oh ya.Kal was there hot hot x) Honestly,I dont really like that Logan guy.I dont know why *shrugs* There were some problems going on with our table,so I just stayed with Pamela until they finished settling everything.

We decided to sit while waiting for Amanda.Then,I saw Dutch Boy came in.Was so happy (: Finally got to meet up with him after months away *squint eyes* lol he looked bery kacak :D kan kan? Saw pretty boy too (: Jason looked so adowable with his pink tie :D and Aaron is still maintain kacak! woots! :D Chatted with him for a while before he went upstairs.Dutch Boy,you are bery handsome? apa rahsia? (i can never get tired saying this) :P

The guests take their respected seats and the events kicked off by the suffle performance by Ultimate.It was okay I guess.Adam said it's kinda disturbing seeing Malaysian wearing sweaters.Heh.funny guy (: The emcees,Leo J-Shaun and Leo Sanjay was very emcee-ish.If you know what I mean.Hee :D Leo J-Shaun is very cute in my *run away* told Aaron that and he said, 'adui,Atika.everyone also cute lah for you' :P you jealous ke? Haha Meet up Danny who came with Geok San.His date lah for the night.Geeeeeeeeeee...she is so lawaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D the evil twin,Christopher Leeraj came as well.and and he wore a fedora too (: we sure got chemistry, Sukhdip,Lam,Chun Onn,Jared, and a lot of other people (too many to list down) There were other performances as well.They had Concept 92,5 Seconds,Outklawz,Free To Fall,Ezra,and Dhol.

Speaking of 5 Seconds,this group consisted of 4 girls.and they are very pretty.As soon,they started dancing,all the guys were shouting like nutcase *roll eyes* owkay.Enough on that.Free To Fall was the bomb! *screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams* they are awesome and guess what? they are all girls band! proud to be a girl wehy! *giggles* The best part of the night was the dance floor.I completely go HIGHed with everyone for like one hour non stop? LMAO.I went around harassing Chun Onn since I couldnt find Dutch Boy.he can really dance actually (both of them) HAHA you should just look at Chun Onn's face expression when he's with me.

The music was blaring,so we talk shout to each other.

Me : Where's Aaron?
Chun Onn : WHAT?!
Chun Onn : I DONT KNOW!
Chun Onn : NO! I DONT DANCE!
Me : I DONT CARE! DANCE! *laughed hard*
Chun Onn: NO! NO! I DONT WANT!
Chun Onn : NO!

I didnt let him go for the next five minutes since he refused to dance with me.* grins*

Chun Onn : LET ME GO!
Me: NO!
Me : *laughed so hard because I'm too HIGHed already*
Chun Onn: =="

At the end,he dance lah..but only for a jump jump like mad people there..not Zhe Mein and I forced Dutch Boy to dance with us.At first,he refuses but we just keep on forcing him to dance.IT WAS REALLY FUN.SERIOUSLY.Kenny Bunny was kinda down.i shall not elaborate about this matter. ): be strong k? Cheer up (: and to those who didnt turn up,you guys sure miss loads of fun (: I think my table was the noisiet among yeah,we lost our voice by the end of the day. :P Jason went back early so I didnt get to take picture with him ): now you owed me a picture,Pretty Boy :D oh,and I saw Su Ching and Robyn and their gang.want to tegur them,but im kinda shy D: nevermind,maybe next time. (:

Well well.
I'm off for now.

I'll go teman that someone now.
Dinner time.

see you soon!