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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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the flu and fever is killing me.
gahhhhhhhhhh ): ): ):

I've been skipping school for two days already.
Great right?
I'm sure I already missed a lot of stuffs at school,
it's just that I can't even bear the suffering of not being able to wake up energeticly at 5 a.m like I used to.

some of my friends said I might be having H1N1.
like WTF?!
I dont want to get H1N1.
i mean,who want?

Texted Danny in the afternoon to seek for companion.He did advised me a few thing.I just think it's adorable (: Gonna class Shamala to ask for homeworks.I've been nerding at home since I can't go to school ==' Doing Biology is kinda fun actually.Win Li had been asking me for her revision books since ages.Heh.Sorry Win Li.Something triggered me just now.Miss Teh is not going to be in school Thursday! yay! *jumped excitedly* no Biology class on that day! *claps claps* tomorrow i might be going to school cum facing my workloads of editorial board stuffs,homeworks,cleanliness and and ohhh homeworks.Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......somebody please stabbed me now D:

I hate the feeling of not being able to do things on track.I hate stupid cocuriculum activities (yeah,I'm talking about stupid useless aerobic-thon.Pfft) I hate workloads. D: Somebody please help me? Get me out from this misery.Read this ( credits to Jo Yee ) if you want to know how dumb my school is for organising these activities for all of us students.

I'm not going to rant about how bad my school life is since it's my last year in high school.I do love some part of it.My friends,my teachers,prefects (: oh ya,and the camwhoring session for the school leavers' page.or at any feel awesome (: (: (: and not to be forgotten my prefects' friends all over Klang (: or much further.ILYSM

I'm feeling so emo at the moment.I dont know why.I hate this feeling ): I shall forget about it. *poof* I want my old life back.Time,please rewind back,will you? I want to go back to Standard One where there's nothing to worry all.

I need someone to talk to.Right now. D:

it's been so long.
I wonder how are you doing?

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