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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Yet another day.
Thursday, July 2, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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  • Yesterday was a bad day for me.Pfft.dont want to talk about it.
  • Some people are just so fuck up nowdays.
  • Sorry if I make you angry ):
  • Photoshot today was awesome.I had loads of fun.Too bad Sue May and Shasta wasnt there.
  • I want to eat more tau fu fa [:
  • Yeah,I'm fat.So? *rolls eyes*
  • Some of my friends are total RACIST.Ngee wth -.-
  • Mrs.Tan went for surgery D: Speedy recovery,teacher,I'll miss you ): .Now Mrs.Lee replaced her place teaching me Add Maths at tuition.
  • Lim Zhun Shean is officially adorable (:
  • Thanks,Kenny,for the you-know-what :D
  • I am not a stalker.and stop calling with that vulgar words. D:
  • Still missing Chong Adwin.Sigh.
  • Amy Soo Choon Mae,thanks for everything.
  • Iheartsyoutobits
  • I have ze pur-fect outfit for ze Youthie Day.weee~
  • Congrats to the Bee Kay band for getting 6th place in the SBC.It's a great start.
  • Did I tell you that I didnt get NS? Not happy.Thanks to that someone. ):
  • Changed my blog songs.Tribute to MJ.Loves you (:
  • Sat next to Menning and Ikmal today.Gone retarded with them.LOL.
  • Can't wait to chat with Munira again.Hee.
  • Yeah to you,go and apply NS for all you want.I dont give a damn thing about it :/
  • Ikmal is still calling me with the name Toh.My name is Atika lah,cawan :P
  • I loves Lala's new hair smexay.
  • I'm currently in love with Biology.Ngawww more more funnnnnnnnn :D
  • My test is next week. *dies*
  • Can't wait for Friday.My aerobikthon practise is starting.Heh.
  • Christopher Leeraj,where are you? ):
  • Aaron missed me .Awwwwww.IMYST,Dutch boy :D
  • Seeing Danny boy soon.YAY! *claps*
  • Kevin Yap is allergic to me.I dont know why. *shrugs*
  • Had my dental appointment on Tuesday.OHMYGOD.Damn painful T.T
  • Sorry I couldn't help you,Jess.
  • I love my teachers but they just pissed me off sometimes.
  • No more loves for Chemistry now.Bye.
  • Seeing Mr.Mani tomorrow. *dies out of excitement*
  • Bell,congrats for go girl! :D
  • The blog header is nice,right? CREDITS TO TRICIA :D
  • Chatted with Hazim yesterday.Hee.I missed my sidekick. xD
  • I wont steal your girl,Wind.dont worry ^^
  • Congrats to Sukhdip for being the new Vice ICC Chairperson.I'm surprised :P
  • Why people are so kiamsap eh? *coughJeffcough*
  • I am so random right now.


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