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Aint no rest for the wicked
Sunday, August 2, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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As requested by Kenny Bunny (:

Warning : long post ahead.
(with pictures,of course)

La Salle Prefects' Gathering was a blast (: I had so much fun there.the event started well although it was kinda quick? LOL Actually I was not feeling well in the morning.Texted Kenny to see how's he's doing (: I felt much better as the day passed by.Get ready 11.30 a.m.Reached HICT around 11.55.The first person I saw was Jason (: (: (: (: Proceed into the building but have to wait since we can only go up at 12.15.So,me,Amira,Shi Teen and Ying Ying waited patiently.I waited for the other BKians as well.Saw Bjorn too.Comel ^^ Then after a while,I saw Geok San came down.She just finished her Interact Meeting.So yeah,she mau makan.Always hungry lah that fella.Heh :P Toh came with Chun Onn (obviously) He kinda saw me laofing around the building,so he decided to hide ? *rolls eyes* I am scary ke? LOL

Did I tell you that Toh Chun Onn is super duper amazingly incredibely totally cuteeeeee? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D That's why I like to harass him :D :D (cue: mad evil laugh) Went up to the 5th floor when Kenny came down to wait for the arrival for the VIPs.Danny is upstairs,busy D: Saw Saw at the registration.He handed me Fen's Slumdog Millionaire novel that he borrowed from Fen months ago *boo at Saw* lol The time passed by and I saw more prefects coming.Saw Danny (: and the bery awesome Aaron Minjoot (He smells really good,I swear) *run away* My sister thinks he is HOT (which obviously he is ) so yeah,she went gaga over him =.= (I'm telling Huan Pang,Amira ) lalala~

Meet up with Sam and the MGSians.Awesome people (: and Oh,Aaron's dad was there too *grinnnnnnnnns* Sanjeeva came and we chit chatted like there's no tomorrow.Still being Sanjeeva as always.HAHA Then then,I saw want to know who is him? guess guess :D :D :D Chua? noooooooo.Lee Hsiang? nooooooo.Ok fine I tell you lah.It's Yagesan (: (: (: (: (: I am so happy when I see him (: I dont know why,but i really like to see him (: dia comel ^^ in every way (: Chua was there too,of course.and Lee Hsiang.Bryant came a little bit later.I met Sebastian who is in charge inside the auditorium (:


The performances was great.Daniel is really good in playing guitar,but not so on the singing,sorry D: The emcees,Sukhip and Ashwin are the best and simply the best bully :P I became so popular today (I think) because of them *roll eyes* They had Michael Jackson's performance by 4 very the sexayyyyyyyyyy young lad *whistle* and Kenny is one of them *screaaaaaaaaaaaaams* *faints* :D :D :D :D Danny also sang one song during the event.I'm Yours by Jason Mraz *melts melts* The sketch by the probate was hilarious and super adorableeeeeee :D lala boy did surprise me by dancing at the end of the sketch and acted as the choreographer for the dance of All For One,and One For All (:

Danny singing I'm Yours.
La Sallians joining (:

(spot the bery hot Aaron Minjoot :P)

evil bully :P

The booklet.
Idris (: (:

They make me go HIGHed and melt instantly
:D :D :D :D :D

Kenny Bunnyyyyyy is bery the attractive :D :D :D

the girls (:

Bukit Kuda girls (:

The best was when the emcee started playing Truth Or Dare.I was busy talking to my sister when they called Chua up.I looked up and wondered what will happen next.As I expected,Ashwin called me up after that.IBLAMEDEVERTYTHINGONSANJEEVA :O The crowd started to scream when they saw the both of us on stage -____________________________________________- Then,Ashwin called Kenny up as well.This time,Neither me nor Chua had the chance to choose whether we want truth or dare D: *prepare to run away* *opening my shoes to throw to Sanjeeva* bleks.Well,eventually,Kenny happily asked us to dance together.and IT'S A BALLROOM DANCE. *bang head on the wall* Aaron and Toh did the lovey dovey shapes with their hands as I looked at them. =.= it was fun though since the both of us just dance and go around each other's hand and rotate o.O

The brunch was super late.IDK why.luckily the food is super delicious,if not I'd died in hunger.LOL again,I spotted Yagesan running here and there.I managed to kacau Chun Onn when he's eating :D :D :D Chatted with Toh,Aaron and Bryant.Let me tell you lah,the three of them eats a lot.A LOT,I tell you.Ask them how many times to tambah the nasi lalalala~ Toh started singing a song which I shall not sing here,but it had something to do with me and Chua =.= Aaron also started singing =.= Ok ok.will stop crapping here.They bery the evil lah,easy said.More pictures during the events (: Hazim was no where to be seen until almost the end of event.He kept on coughing when he see me with Chua.or Danny =.= Sarcasm dude D: I did saw him actually.He's pouting as he texted me after he read this post.Sorryyy ):

He's the O.C (:

You should see him performing.
comeeeeeeel ^^

Jeevs my man.Atika.

he's mine

ze ay little sidekick (: (:

Hazim interframing.
Bleks :P

Danny boy and I

do you noticed that I looked super short in all the pictures?

Overall,the event was a complete success.I truly enjoyed myself meeting my prefect friends for the last time.Will miss them a lot D: and I kinda forget to camwhore during the events since was kinda busy walking around with Jason (: (: (: So,no pictures with Lala Boy and Chua D: Super tired and dizzy at the end of the event.Almost fall asleep next to Jason (yeah,I was with him) No worries,more pictures from Idris.soon (: Great job to Kenny and his comittee anyways.*clap clap* (:

He's my Billie Jean
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D (cue : girls screamings)
lelaki terpanas of the day.

I shall stop here.
My ass are fidgetting already.


Till then,
I bid all of you farewell.

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