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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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I dont want to bug you with crazy,crazy ideas
Saturday, August 8, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Let's not rant when it already come to an end.

I wonder if people like Choo Weng Shen still exist? He is a total nutcase *laughed hard* The best companion ever :D He never failed to crack me up with his lame jokes and random notes.Geessshh xD Weng Shen makes me HIGH *run away and stabbed Weng Shen*.

me: Are you okay??
WS: I'M SUPER HIGHHHH!and I blame you!! XD XD XD
Me: == why me?? tsk tsk

I'm blogging again might be for the last time before hiatus.I'm kinda freaking out since trials is mere away.School is normal i assumed.Same boring old routine.Brushing for all the Form 4 foundations.Jason had been helping me a lot (: Thanks (: remember yesterday's post? Danny texted me today morning asking me to cheer up (: *touched* and Ikmal in Chemistry.Funny people/.Then,meet up with my babe,Tirzah outside (: Then bla bla bla..the class continues as usual.Mr.Mani ketuk my head because he thought im giggling when he's explaining.I'M NOT lah! T.T *blames Kamalia*

Today is boring.Just stay at home and completed my works.Luckily
Jason was there to accompany me ^^ Thank you (L) Chatted with Chua on MSN.Owh,he's not feeling well.Speedy recovery ya? :D On a short note,FASTING MONTH is coming soon and I'm so ready! :D Can't wait (: I shall experienced again how the hungry people feels when they had no food to eat.

MTV World Stage is not in my list.Too bad.*boo* My friends at school are making me jealous by telling how excited they will be D: Not going to meet AAR,BLG or even HOOBASTANK.SIGH.Thank god 2PM is NOT going.If not,I would have died drinking bleach just because I couldnt see Wooyoung oppa in person *tears*

but then,I'm going to the
ACS Prefects ' Gathering tomorrow.Super excited! *grins* Gilbert my boy will let me toy around with his camera (: weeeh! Thank you (: (: He made my day today.Was kinda sad at first when Ayuni told me that her camera wasn't with her atm.and Mimi are absent for two days already.

Oh ya.I missed
TTH Alex.That random dude from Acmar.LOL and Nalini sayang ku too ): GAH.When are we going to see each other again I wonder? and Christopher too.Nawww my evil twin.we never get to carry out our evil scheme for that person :P Haha.and and my darling TCH.remember him? If you're wondering where did he go,let me tell you,He's fineeeeeeee :D and he still owed me something.Shhhhh xD

My birthday is coming near.
I'll be 17.
Can't wait for it.
Mummy said I can take my driving license after SPM.


In less than 4 months we'll be apart.Imagine that ):

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