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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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I'm gonna start a revolution on my bed
Monday, August 24, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I was chatting with few of my friends on MSN and I've come to realise that trials are just mere away.and here I am,sitting and updating my blog.I find it so hard to blog about how I feel nowdays.Kinda sick of blogging,nowdays.First thing first,there's actually bitches in my school giving teachers' our blog link and report to them if we were to write something so-called BAD about them.FTW much.It's our right to write whatever we want.Face the reality please.Not everyone like you,okay? Pfft.To all the stalkers,please-I mean,please get your own life and stop stalking us.It's getting really annonying.

Oh,this post is turning bitchy =.=

Ok,my commitement to everything that i put my hearts on is very important.and if you dont understand,just let me handle it by myself okay? that includes being the editor-in-chief for my school magazine.Do support instead of thrashing me behind my back (: (: (can you sense the sarcasm? ) Danbaby is becoming a form of help since everyone that i used to text are ditching me for the books D: i forgave you guys but but do reply my text kay? :D Arif has to be the whackiest junior you can ever met.and he's a La Sallian too.woot woot! :D Naqib has fall sick again.Get well soon,hunn (: Take care kay?

Ramadan are already here.and I'm enjoying every moment of it.I'm missing the solat terawih.wish I can go ): too manny commitment for once.Gah D: anyhow,I love the dates that mom bought for me last likeyyyyy (: someone decided to voice with me at 1 a.m on MSN. *coughNaqibcough* :P Apparently,my *ehem* darling Biology teacher knows Naqib and from what I heard,she loves him! HAHA! good for you ;) she somewhat has a grudge on me.LOL *not going to elaborate further on that* I'll be having my extra classes starting from tomorrow.SIGH.I told you my holidays are useless.Thank you very much. D: Not going to talk about Jason Ong anymore in my blog ): apparentally he's getting more _________(fill in the blank) by days.I know he's going to read this soon enough,well,I just dont know what to used to be a great friend of mine.Ngeee D:

and what do you know? My birthday is coming up! was suppose to be hype about it,but it seems everyone is too busy with trials. D: D: D: will be a noramal-non happening birthday again i guess.just so you know,IT'S ON SEPTEMBER 14!! do wish me,ill be very happy (: (:

my pahala-o-meter just went down.
Sorry ):

Lina actually has been possessed by demon a day before Ramadan.
EPIC i tell you! HAHA.

do drop by at these blogs.
linked them please!
:D :D :D



and watch this.

Off for now.
Wanna annoy Danbaby.
and Choo Weng Shen :P


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