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It comes when all the clocks have stopped,and i felt my heart begin to drop
Friday, August 21, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It was the day.

The day it all ended.

So yeah,
Bukit Kuda 09/10 Prefects' Installation was GREAT.

Anyway, the day started off well. For once, I didn't have to stress over who was doing what, when were people coming, where does everyone go. We came, and we sat. So basically this year's Installation theme was a mystery to many; a few of us knew the theme. When the whole act was being played out, I felt so proud of them :) and when the musics start playing, I teared . (don't ask why).The new theme of the Prectorial Board 09/10 is Responsibility Our Priority (:

The installation went really smoothly. The speeches was great,truly inspiring.really. It made me think and realise how lucky i was to be one of the few people to be part of 08/09 Prefects' BODs. Then came the BOD ceremony, where we passed our sashes to our successors, and then Bavani's speech which was really good :)) and then souvenirs.I break down and cried badly there.

Its SAD that my journey in Prefectorial Board has come to an end.

To Bonnie,
I am truly proud of you, looking at the way you have taken this responsibility. This is going to be the best time of your life, and I wish you all the best with this magical ride .Prefect itself is a life. I had the chance, and now's your turn. Remember to be proud for who you are! I know I have stepped on a few toes when I was Head Of the Cleanliness Bureau, and I'm sorryyy. I never meant to hurt anyone on purpose; I just did what I thought was best for the board, and if my judgements were wrong, I'm sorry.

The form 5 seniors,
thank you thank you thank you for an AWESOME year. I know I've been pushy at times when it came to work, and I'm sorry.

you guys are just so awesome! The best part was when you g gave the souveniers to the seniors. To those who got selected, please dont skip meeting, be active always (: Whoever didnt get the post, it is ok.. be's not the end of the world.Face it and be tough ya!

One of the many "LASTS" for 2009.

No more meetings.
No more Morning Inspection.
No more calling out names for cleanliness reports.
No more reports to check.
No more sms links to forward.
No more stress.haha.
No more board meetings.
No more wearing blazers on Monday.
No more going out early for recess.
No more running around during classes.
No more annoying friends with cleanliness stuff.
No more REPORTS.
No more fun going out from classes during PNP.
No more lain about cleanliness.
No more skipping classes.
No more running around doing stuff for prefects.

Its over.

Thank you for believing in me as your Head Of Cleanliness Bureau of 08/09, and I hope I have not failed you :(
It was GREAT being a part of the Prefectorial Board of SMK (P) Bukit Kuda 08/09, and now it's time to say Goodbye.

the celebrated seniors :D

yours truly break down and cried eventually.

on the stage (:

Seniors (: (:

Head Prefect 08/09 . Deputy Head Prefect 1 08/09 . Head Of Cleanliness Bureau 08/09.

Besties :D

the BODs 08/09.

Tirzah darling.Atika.
She's the Head Of Social Bureau 08/09 (:

With the VAIN former head prefect.LOL.

Ashbir.Mae Vin.Cherrie.
Mae Vin is the 08/09 Prefectorial Board's Treasurer.

Khiew Chi Yen ; Head of Assembly 08/09.

Camera lovers! :D

Ling Sook Pui ; Prefects' Room Coordinator 08/09

1 Malaysia spirits! :D :D

Tenarasi ; Head of Disciplinary Bureau 08/09

The souvenirs (:

Dutch Boy (: (: (:
mesayangyoualot :D

Danny boy :D
youknowyoulovemeright? Hee :D

Stupi-feid :/

The rest?
Facebook lah.


Me likeyy Ng Yee Lee very much

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