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Monday, August 10, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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You made me feel shiny and new (:

Yesterday was ACS 1st ever Interschool Prefects' Gathering (: (: Held in Bandar Botanic.I had so much fun there.Meeting my friends in casual wear is bery the cool you know (: The event was great.I spent time with Sammy my babe and also meet up with Sam and the other MGSians.

The event started well I guess.Sam is the emcee.( There's three Sam in this post by the way :D )He's super funny I tell you.LOL Lame emcee *grins* and then,there's Pravind and err..I forgot what's the other emcee's name again *pouts* sorry ): Only Teo Qi and I came from BK.Teo Qi was really timid and she doesnt mingle around at all.Shall not blame her since she's dont know anyone there.

Meet up with Gilbert at the entrance :D Then,I saw Kenny Bunny,Geok San,Sabrina and and Su Ching (: (: (: Yun Ming were incharged of the registration :D Super happy to see him ^^ I saw a lot of familiar faces during the event.and I finally got the chance to talk to Chee Han thanks to Sammy.Wee~ ilebiusayang (: Sad to say that the crowd kinda dead at first,but I guess Daniel saves the day :D Heh.He is such a darling *winks* The performances are bery the awesome (: The opening performance is very nice.So is the singing,by Ravin *drools* (: (: (: lelaki terpanas :D

Jerry and Penny came and sit at our table.Then,Soon Chia came too.I feel so cool all of sudden,I dont know why.LOL Pravin and Tommy came a little bit later.and Chee Han doesn't believe that I wrote books.I am an author okay? D: *throw a flying dagger at Chee Han and hides* :P :P :P

During game time,Yun Ming called my name up.So I blame this on Alien Yun Ming .Woots! D: We have to tell lame jokes and the people who gets the loudest boo is the winner.I was like, 'huh?' Eeek.whacimaga -____- So there I was,telling a joke that no one understands.HAHA Lame enough i presumed *run away* Sam the emcee is very adorableeeeeee :D :D He is so bubbly.and he said I'm cute *blush blush* *slaps myself*

Moving on,during dinner,I sat next to Gilbert at his table (he is such a sweetie pie :D ).Ashwin and Ariff were there too.We chatted as usual and then Ashwin started lah his evil scheme.Threatened to spread the message that I sent to him about *cough* someone.Regret telling him that.tsk tsk =.=

Ariff insisted on reading it,so I have to sit between Ariff and Ashwin.Very dangerous ooo that fella :P Ashwin is super sneaky though.He asked Ariff to accompany him to the Gents. -____- I cant go to the Gents,obviously.So yeah,they came back and started teasing me about *cough* that someone. *tears* FYI,that *cough* someone AIN'T SEXAYYY D: NO NO D: *pouts* I made up my mind.HE'S NOT.Daniel's sexier.Heh :D *nods*

Had great time chatting with the La Sallians.Ashwin said I'm retarded.HAHA I've gone HIGHed at that time.LOL Scott's fedora become my possesion for the night.*grins* ME VERY LIKEYY FEDORA (: (: (: Buy me one for my borthday,anyone? :D I saw Danny boy too.He came fetching Kenny with Sonny :O Oh ya.Did I tell you that Daniel also sings? *screammmmmms* *faints* LOL.ok,exageration. :O But he's good lah,seriously. *wide grins*

They announced their new head prefect and it is Sam the emcee! *clap clap* congrats Sam :D At the end of the event,the ACSians started throwing people in the pool.Funneh (: Poor Daniel got thrown in first.Ashwin said he really to do that to do me,but he decided not to because I'M A GIRL :D :D

Tumpang Alien's car back home.Go back with Sam,Yun Ming and Daniel.Yong Shen drove us back and he is seriously scary :/ We had loads of fun crapping in the and Daniel is so funny :D and I miss him already D: Thank you to Yun Ming for drpping me at ACS (: you are awesome.The event was a complete success and I totally enjoyed myself (:


More photos from Soon Chia.

I'm off for now.
Miss me not ya?

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