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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Some will do magic,some will harm
Tuesday, August 18, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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A trip going back to my mother's hometown ain't that bad.After all,I got to meet up with my cousins.and some random new people.was dead bored at most of the time.Thank god for the handphone.Texting my friends and some of them did reply (: Eheh.Thank you Danny,Naqib,Daniel,Jason Ong and Jason Yap.oh not to be forgotten,ze bery mak cik Tiffany Lee.HAHAHAHAHA.Yoona is so not ay biatch kay. =.= Will elaborate on my trip later with pictures.Mmm yeah :D Overall it was okay,and the best part was THE FOOD.I've gained a few kg thanks to the awesome foods that my aunties made.Me very fat now ):

SkIpped school today.I am too lazy to go to school,that's why I decided not to go to school.Hee :D ask Dan,he know the whole story.and you know what? My school had an assembly today.WTF WTF WTF D: D: I dont know about it! AT ALL! tsk tsk =.= I missed my last assembly as a prefect ): ): Some of you might think it's lame,but prefect is very important to me.and missing the last out of everything is so not cool ): ): They also had the photo session with Miss Tan since it was her birthday.Gah D: Another loss.I feel so demented and heartbroken ): My sister was bragging about her new post,and it is kinda annoying.but I am still happy for her though.

I'm letting the whole world know now that Naqib are now my husband! AHAHAHA.Nah,just randomness just struck me again just now.Woots! :D Pity Naqib though.Still not feeling well ): Speedy recovery kay? :D and I'm starting to miss everyone.Gah D: Everybody is nerding and doesnt seems to have the time to reply my text.*pouts* I shall forgive them since I know the importance of SPM too.Haha.I'm missing Jason Yap badly.and owh my darling TCH.Ngeee D: Se-tu-peed SPM faster finished lah. D:


Okay I shall stop here now.
Will update again soon.

Me is stitchy and Dan is pretty boy.
Me lap you! :D

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